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Cisco Systems to Build National ADSL Network in Taiwan for Chunghwa Telecom

Deal Establishes Cisco as a Major ADSL Provider in Asia
Jun 01, 1999

Deal Establishes Cisco as a Major ADSL Provider in Asia

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- June 1, 1999 -- In a deal that firmly establishes CiscoSystems as a leading ADSL provider in Asia, Chunghwa Telecom Company (CHT), Taiwan's national PTT, announced that the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet has won a bid to build one of the region's largest ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) networks.

Led by CHT, the agreement is signed between Cisco and Taiwan's three main local exchange carriers (LECs), covering virtually all regions on the island. Overthe next few months, Cisco and systems integration partners FIC (FirstInternational Computer) and Hwacom will install Cisco DSL access multiplexersat COs (Central Offices) throughout Taiwan. CHT is also purchasing Cisco DSLrouters to connect customers in schools, offices and homes to the service.

ADSL routers enable computer users to receive voice and data services through asingle telephone line at speeds up to 142 times faster than conventional 56kmodems.

The DSL installation will be connected to CHT's core Internet network, alreadybased on Cisco WAN ATM switches, to become one of the largest end-to-end Cisco networks in Taiwan.

"Our collaboration with Cisco on end-to-end networking solutions plays animportant role in delivering cost-effective, high-speed and high-bandwidthservices to our customers," said Chun-ming Hsieh, senior vice president of CHT.

Larry Sun, managing director for Cisco Systems in Taiwan, said: "ChunghwaTelecom has embraced the New World vision of data, voice and video travellingtogether on a single packet-based network. By implementing this vision, theywill build new revenue opportunities for themselves while delivering a broadportfolio of leading Internet services to their customers throughout Taiwan."

About Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom Company, split from the Directorate General Telecommunications of R.O.C. on 1 July 1996, is still a wholly state-owned telecom company and operates both domestic and international telecom businesses. It also invests in telecom-related businesses and other ventures as authorized by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications. Chunghwa Telecom divides its affiliates by regions and fields of business, including the seven Business Groups of Northern Taiwan, Central Taiwan, and Southern Taiwan, Long Distance and Mobile, International, Data Communication, and Global Development. Other subsidiaries include Telecommunications Laboratories and Telecommunications Training Institute. The company has also established an extensive network of branch offices to serve customers.

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