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Cisco Adds More Than 10 Products to DSL Portfolio

Leads the Way for Service Capabilities that Enable Service Providers Worldwide to Rapidly Build Revenue-Generating New World Networks
Jun 08, 1999

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- June 8, 1999 -- With the introduction today of eleven products to its leadership DSL product portfolio, Cisco Systems leads the way for service providers to rapidly build comprehensive, end-to-end, high-speed DSL networks and deploy revenue-generating services. Cisco DSL solutions allow service providers to move beyond offering basic bandwidth-centric connections to end-users and enable them to build profitable, service-based New World networks.

The company announced new central office, aggregation and customer premise equipment (CPE) solutions, including the Cisco 6130 and 6260 DSL Access Concentrators, three line cards that add SDSL and DMT Issue-2/g.lite transmission options to the DSL Access Concentrators, and an OC-12 line card for the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator. In addition, there are five new CPE products - the Cisco 633 Serial SDSL Data Service Unit (DSU), the Cisco 673 SOHO/Telecommuter SDSL Router, the Cisco 627 ATM-25 ADSL Modem, the Cisco 677 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router, and the Cisco 1417 Ethernet to ADSL Router.

The products deliver features and benefits that allow service providers worldwide to rapidly deploy intelligent, multi-service networks. They provide advanced features for value-based, differentiated service offerings; increased density and scalability for delivering more cost-effective services; tremendous bandwidth to the backbone network for seamless access to ATM services; and a broader range of service offerings for addressing the entire end-user market. End users benefit through a wider choice of cost-effective, high-speed DSL service offerings and investment protection in existing equipment.

"The breadth of these new DSL product announcements, in conjunction with Cisco's unique ability to provide all of the elements necessary to build a truly complete and scalable broadband service network, gives Cisco a tremendous advantage when dealing with the complex and ever-evolving requirements of DSL service providers," said John Freeman, Principal Analyst at Current Analysis, an industry analyst firm. "In particular, the 6260 DSLAM, which is specifically optimized for deployment in international markets, demonstrates Cisco's high level of commitment to success in the DSL market."

"Rhythms is building our nationwide network using Cisco equipment," said Jim Greenberg, Chief Networking Officer at Rhythms NetConnections Inc., a leading provider of DSL-based, high-performance networking solutions for remote access to private networks and the Internet. "Our full deployment of end-to-end Cisco DSL and IP+ATM products enables us to deliver innovative, affordable managed services for information-intensive business customers. The new Cisco products fit well with our strategy."

Central Office Solutions Deliver Advanced Service Features and Multiple Transmission Options

The Cisco 6130 and 6260 DSL Access Concentrators are key drivers enabling Cisco to lead the way for service-based, intelligent, New World networks. They offer service providers an evolution path to advanced services through an architecture that supports a rich set of ATM features, Quality of Service (QoS), switched virtual ciruits (SVCs), and fair-service subtending. QoS enables service providers to set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that guarantee specific bandwidth services for individual subscribers; switched virtual circuits (SVCs) allow subscribers to select IP destinations and regulate bandwidth on-demand; and fair-service subtending, ensures that all subscribers - including those in a subtended architecture - receive equal access to service throughput and performance.

Three new line cards provide SDSL and DMT Issue-2/g.lite transmission options, in addition to the CAP transmission already supported on the DSL access concentrators. These multiple transmission options allow service providers to address a broad market of end users, including enterprise, branch office, small/medium business, telecommuters and consumers.

The Cisco DSL access concentrators are supported by network management software that integrates with other Cisco network management tools. The management software provides end-to-end flow-through provisioning and automated virtual circuit (VC) management that enables service providers to reduce operations costs, minimize set-up time, and rapidly and massively scale their networks to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The Cisco 6130 and 6260 systems are designed for large-scale, carrier-class deployments and are the most advanced DSL central office concentrators available today. They enable service providers to move beyond delivering simple, high-speed transmission into providing cost-effective and profitable multi-service solutions that build customer loyalty through value-added relationships. The Cisco 6130 concentrator is optimized for ILECs and CLECs deploying broad-scale services in North America. The Cisco 6260 product is designed for PTTs and CLECs deploying broad-scale services outside of North America, as well as private-copper service providers deploying services in multi-tenant dwellings worldwide.

OC-12 Card for 6400 Universal Access Concentrator Delivers High-Bandwidth to Backbone

The OC-12 line card is a pipeline that delivers bandwidth up to 622 Mbps between the Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrators and the network backbone. It eliminates bottlenecks between the edge and the core to deliver seamless access to real-time, New World services such as videoconferencing, video-on-demand, and Internet gaming, among others.

The Cisco 6400 Universal Access Concentrator is a scalable service gateway that enables service providers to deliver a new generation of on-demand, high-speed and high-quality networking services. It can be deployed in service provider central offices, Points-of-Presence (POPs) or corporate data centers. The system enables the dynamic selection and delivery of dedicated broadband network services, such as high-speed Internet access, multipoint videoconferencing, streaming video, entertainment-driven traffic, and secure access to corporate networks (for both voice and data services).

Industry-Leading DSL CPE Portfolio Expands to Include SDSL and DMT-Issue 2/g.lite

Complementing the new central office and aggregation solutions are five additions to Cisco's industry-leading DSL CPE portfolio. These new products expand the portfolio to include SDSL and DMT Issue-2/g.lite solutions, in addition to the CAP, IDSL and DMT Issue-1 products that are already available.

The Cisco 633 Serial SDSL DSU and the Cisco 673 SOHO/Telecommuter Router connect end users to SDSL services. The Cisco 633 DSU allows small businesses to preserve their investment in existing Cisco business-class routers in their network, such as the Cisco 2500, 2600 and 3600 routers, thus enabling them to take full advantage of emerging New World applications and packet telephony. The Cisco 673 router offers cost-effective high-speed services for the small office/home office (SOHO), telecommuters and high-end consumer markets.

The Cisco 627 ATM-25 ADSL Modem, the Cisco 677/SOHO Telecommuter ADSL Router, and the Cisco 1417 Ethernet to ADSL Router address the market for DMT Issue-2/g.lite services. The Cisco 627 and 677 products are aimed at the SOHO and telecommuter markets. The Cisco 1417 router is aimed at the small/medium business market.

The Cisco DSL CPE product portfolio leads the industry in market share and breadth of product offerings. It enables service providers to deliver cost-effective DSL solutions targeted at every category of end user, including enterprise, branch office, small/medium business, telecommuter and consumer markets. The products provide a pathway for end-users to access service provider New World multi-service offerings. The portfolio offers offer scalable data rates from as low as 32 kbps up to 8.1 Mbps.


The Cisco 1417 Ethernet to ADSL Router is available now. All other DSL products announced today are in trials and will be available in Q3 1999.

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