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Cisco Systems Receives Mier Communications' Award for Best IP Prioritization and Performance Category

Cisco QoS Policy Manager and Cisco IOS 12.0 Demonstrate
May 12, 1999

Cisco QoS Policy Manager and Cisco IOS 12.0 Demonstrate Exceptional Results

LAS VEGAS, Nev., NETWORLD + INTEROP -- May 12, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced acceptance of the NetWORKS As Advertised award presented by Mier Communications, Inc. for the IP Prioritization product category. Compared with a variety of traffic-shaping products, Cisco's solution exhibited superior prioritization capabilities and optimal protection for mission-critical traffic.

The combined Cisco solution consisted of a Cisco 7206 router running Cisco IOS. software version 12.0 and Cisco QoS Policy Manager. The test involved a real-world scenario of competing data, voice and video traffic. Consistent low latency and low loss resulted in reliable call completion for voice over IP traffic, as well as predictable performance for other applications.

"The Cisco solution delivered exceptional prioritization performance compared to other products tested to date," said Rob Smithers, vice president of technology, Mier Communications, Inc. in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. "The effectiveness as a traffic shaping product was most evident when the 7206 prioritizing traffic allowed us to achieve a perfect call-completion rate for high priority voice over IP calls under heavy load conditions. The Cisco QoS solution can effectively handle any enterprise endeavor in which bandwidth is a premium."

Mier Communications' award for Cisco's IP Prioritization solution was granted based on the best results of rigorous testing using multiple scenarios including real-world video conferencing systems, voice over IP gateway products and other specialized traffic generation systems.

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