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Cisco AS5800 Earns Tester's Choice Award From Data Communications Magazine

Cisco Carrier Class Remote Access Server Selected for Strong
May 04, 1999

Cisco Carrier Class Remote Access Server Selected for Strong Availability, Throughput and Management Capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- May 4, 1999 -- Cisco Systems Inc. today announced that its carrier-class AS5800 Remote Access Server (RAS) was the only product to earn the "Tester's Choice Award" from Data Communications magazine. In the largest public remote access server test ever conducted, the editors at Data Communications chose the Cisco AS5800 over five competitive RASes available today. Data Communications is the premier global monthly magazine for network architects with a circulation of more than 135,000.

"The AS5800 aced our availability, throughput, and management tests, and it costs less than most of its competitors," said David Newman, senior technology editor at Data Communications. "But beyond the objective criteria, the AS5800 also excelled at a subjective benchmark: It was far and away the easiest RAS to work with. In fact, we used the AS5800 as a troubleshooting tool several times during the test; when other vendors' devices wouldn't work we'd bring up the Cisco box to demonstrate that our test bed was stable."

According to Data Communications, 'Monster RASes' are defined as devices that offer service providers a wide variety of interface and routing options that can handle heavy traffic loads and thousands of phone calls at any given time. In testing these RASes, Data Communications focused on three key areas that matter most to telecommunications carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs): availability, throughput and management.

In all three tests, the Cisco AS5800 yielded stellar performance. "Cisco's new high-end model, the AS5800, not only aced our availability and throughput tests, but also proved to be the easiest RAS to work with. Equipment that 'just works' is a key requirement in service provider networks, and the AS5800 is one device that meets that standard," stated the Data Communications article.

Availability testing centered on the number of calls a server could handle at any given time and the reliability that server offers in completing the call. The second test for throughput focused on how quickly and reliably data was transmitted from point A to point B when all 383 ports on the test bed were active. Finally, the third test for management encompassed scenario-based evaluations of remote management, troubleshooting and fault tolerance capabilities.

"In meeting with our customers, it is clear they are most concerned with reliability, throughput and management capabilities-the three categories that Data Communications outlines as the most critical components of a 'Monster' remote access server for the high-end, service provider market," said Roland Acra, general manager, Remote Access Business Unit at Cisco. "It is gratifying to see a respected third party validate our belief that the Cisco AS5800 is the most robust universal access server available today for service providers and telecommunications carriers."

About Cisco AS5800

The Cisco AS5800, the largest member of Cisco's award-winning AS5x00 line, combines high capacity, high availability modem and ISDN termination with Cisco's feature-rich IOS software to provide a wide range of carrier-grade remote access services. The AS5800 is specifically designed to meet the demands of large service providers such as Post, Telephone, and Telegraphs (PTTs), Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs), Inter-Exchange Carriers (IXCs), and large Internet service providers (ISPs). The AS5800 offers reliability of 99.999% and complies with Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 requirements, as defined by Bellcore SR-3580 and European requirements by European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI). Cisco offers a full spectrum of installation, support and service solutions to complement the AS5800.

About Data Communications

Data Communications is published by CMP Media Inc. It is recognized worldwide as the leading technology magazine for the network architects who design, build, manage, and maintain global nets. Data Communications has been consistently honored for editorial excellence, including six prestigious Jesse Neal awards in the past five years-a singular achievement among business and technology publications.

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