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Cisco Unveils Robust Resource Pooling Solution for Dial Access Service Providers

Network Wide Solution Manages Virtual Dial Pools for
Apr 05, 1999

Network Wide Solution Manages Virtual Dial Pools for Multiple, Concurrent Services - Allowing Services Providers to Maximize Revenue from Dial VPN, Retail and Wholesale Dial Services

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- April 5, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a new resource pool management solution enhancing the functionality of its broad line of dial access servers. Cisco Resource Pool Manager (RPM) and Resource Pool Manager Server (RPMS) provide Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Telecommunications carriers with a robust solution for managing concurrent dial network services across single or multiple network access servers. With this new offering, Cisco extends its position as the leading network provider of complete end-to-end solutions for dial service management and network infrastructure.

The Cisco resource pool management solution, available with Cisco IOS. software, allows data network service providers to manage their customers' use of resources for data calls, and to offer advanced wholesale services to consumers, enterprise customers and ISPs concurrently. Cisco RPMS is designed for managing these same data network resources across multiple network access server stacks. This unique, server-based approach offers service providers a flexible and cost-effective solution for supporting multiple locations in a wide geographic area.

"These new resource pool management offerings further extend Cisco's leadership in providing the most robust dial service management solution available today," said Peter Long, director, Cisco IOS Marketing. "Service providers are constantly challenged to offer new, value-added services within an increasingly competitive market. With the Cisco resource pool management solution, service providers can offer their customers enhanced dial outsourcing services through access VPNs thus building competitive differentiation and a new revenue stream for themselves."

Specifically designed to meet the needs of ISPs and telecommunications carriers, Cisco RPM and RPMS provide sophisticated accounting and resource management functionality including call management prior to calls being answered, which optimizes the use of expensive network resources. For the first time, service providers have access to a resource pooling solution that includes real-time reporting for robust resource management and upselling opportunities. For example, as a service provider's customer uses a pool of modems for dial access, network managers can track that customer's resource usage pattern in real-time. With this insight, the service provider can offer its customer fine-tuned services tailored to meet that customer's specific needs.

In addition to real-time reporting, Cisco RPM and RPMS offer sophisticated accounting functionality. Calls are tracked by customer profile and as soon as the customer goes over its contracted limit, overflow is tracked and premium rates are incorporated into the accounting system. This accounting functionality allows service providers to maximize revenue while offering customers continuous dial access, regardless of the contracted limit.

For large service providers managing several servers in multiple locations, Cisco RPMS incorporates robust network management functionality such as server-based administration for centralized management of resource usage and service provisioning. In addition, an HTML user interface allows multiple administrators, regardless of geographical location, to manage servers from a variety of client platforms.

Pricing and Availability

Available next month, the Cisco resource pool management solution will be included in the next release of Cisco IOS. Cisco Resource Pool Manager Server is priced separately at $35,000 per server.

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