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Cisco Systems Delivers Reliable Access To Network Service

Cisco Network Registrar Offers New Standards-Based
Apr 14, 1999

Cisco Network Registrar Offers New Standards-Based Safe-Failover For DHCP Services

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- April 14, 1999 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 providing new high-availability features improving the reliability of DHCP IP addressing services. Uninterrupted DHCP service transition, allowing optimal network and service management behavior, is required for enterprise customers planning to implement new network services such as voice over IP and policy networking.

Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 offers the first implementation of the latest Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) draft protocol for DHCP Safe-Failover, making user-to-network availability dependable. This unique protocol improved communications between distribution servers and management tools through fail-safe redundancy mechanisms. With the addition of DHCP redundancy, customers preparing for IP-based user devices, such as IP phones, will have the assurance of consistent high-availability to network resources.

"Cisco Network Registrar provides the most unique features of all the DNS/DHCP products we evaluated," said Kevin Kratky, project manager, network planning for WORLDSPAN in Atlanta, Georgia. "The ability to customize the relationship of service-to-user IP addresses while assuring high-availability to the network is one of the greatest assets we leverage when offering Internet access, training, and WAN services to customers across our 8,000 sites."

Cisco Network Registrar continued to deliver the capabilities and flexibility required for large enterprises such as assignment of addresses by device/user-class, Dynamic DNS, APIs for integration in existing network management environments, and business applications. Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 builds on the existing exceptional scalability solutions needed by enterprise customers deploying advanced network services.

Cisco Network Registrar was the first product delivered under the CiscoAssure Policy Networking initiative, and provides the dynamic naming and addressing solution easing IP address management. Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 is delivered concurrently with the completion of Phase Two of the CiscoAssure initiative.

About Cisco Network Registrar


Every user device that connects to the network needs unique configuration information provided by the DHCP server. The redundancy feature allows a backup server to automatically take over if the primary server is inaccessible. This ensures valuable access and connectivity to the network.

Existing redundancy mechanisms are flawed and can cause the DHCP server to assign duplicate IP addresses on a network. Cisco Network Registrar uses the DHCP Safe-Failover protocol, identified as the safest and most reliable mechanism for redundancy.

Enhanced Management Integration

Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 adds new capabilities to improve the management of the DNS and DHCP servers and integrate them with existing network management tools such as CiscoWorks2000 and HP OpenView. Cisco Network Registrar adds SNMP support for alerting the network manager when the servers are running out of IP addresses. Also, Cisco Network Registrar can export the DNS and IP address data to a SQL database for generating custom reports.

Extensible Features

Cisco Network Registrar offers the most flexible system of APIs and utilities that allow customers to integrate DNS/DHCP services into their existing environment of management tools and business applications. Unique environments require the ability to customize user-to-network service configurations. Enterprises deploying IP telephony, companies demanding automatic registration systems and Internet service providers deploying cable modems will benefit from the latest features.

Availability and Pricing

Cisco Network Registrar 3.0 is availability immediately for Solaris and WindowsNT. Support for HP-UX and IBM AIX will be available in the next 45 days. Pricing starts at $9,995 for 1,250 addresses.

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