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Comcast Adopts Cisco's High-Speed Internet Equipment in Southern California

Santa Ana is the First in the State to Deploy Cisco's Cable
Mar 30, 1999

Santa Ana is the First in the State to Deploy Cisco's Cable Solution that Delivers Cutting-Edge Technology at Lower Prices

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- March 30, 1999 -- Comcast Online today announced the adoption of Cisco Systems' high-speed Internet equipment within six Southern California communities currently serviced by Comcast.

Comcast will deploy Cisco's Data-over-Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS)-qualified Universal Broadband Routers (uBRs) throughout six communities in Orange County, beginning with Santa Ana and later extending to Buena Park, Fullerton, Placentia, Seal Beach and Newport Beach. With the Cisco uBR, Comcast will implement differentiated classes-of-service and quality-of-service (QoS) for their 200,000 homes serviced in Orange County. This infrastructure will enable Comcast customers to eventually purchase cable modems directly from retail stores or major consumer electronics companies, driving down industry costs for cable modems.

"Comcast is a world-class telecommunications and entertainment company, and we are proud to be working with them to deliver New World services via broadband cable networks," said Paul Bosco, general manager of Cisco's Cable Products and Solutions. "Our joint efforts are beginning to deliver results, and this deployment in Southern California is a major milestone for everyone."

Cisco is providing integrated multiservice solutions to the Comcast team for the Santa Ana rollout. With Cisco products and technologies, Comcast subscribers will be served by an industry-leading, fiber-rich broadband packet infrastructure. The multiservice network infrastructure, capable of supporting data, voice and video, is based on Cisco multigigabit switch routers, advanced optical transport and distribution technologies, DOCSIS-qualified distribution hub products, and an advanced management and middleware fabric. Specific products include Cisco's cable registrar and directory solutions and the Cisco uBR7246 distribution hub access products. The Cisco uBR7246 is the first and only DOCSIS-qualified broadband access solution on the market, and delivers full service provider class routing, standards compliant Radio Frequency (RF) capabilities and Cisco IOS. software, all in one highly integrated package.

Comcast offers residential broadband online services and Internet access through Comcast@Home, a high-speed online service delivering 24-hour, unlimited broadband Internet access and national and local content directly to a user's personal computer via state-of-the-art cable modem technologies. With data transmission speeds 100 times faster than traditional dialup phone modems and approximately 15 times faster than ISDN connections, Comcast@Home brings its customers an entirely new, media-rich online experience. The subscription package includes communications tools such as a Web browser, e-mail, newsgroups and chat rooms.

Comcast also offers business services including the Comcast@Work and Comcast Cable Internet Services (CCIS) broadband-based turnkey solutions. Both offer leading-edge virtual private network (VPN)-based telecommuting, branch and remote access for larger firms.

Comcast@Home High-Speed Internet Service

Through the use of Comcast Cable's hybrid-fiber coaxial cable infrastructure, a cable modem, and the use of the @Home Network's high-speed national backbone, Comcast can offer unparalleled speed to the users of its Internet service. Cable modems are able to provide lightning-fast digital access to the Internet without the use of phone lines. Comcast @Home customers will be able to download information up to 100 times faster than a traditional 28.8 phone modem and up to ten times faster than an ISDN line. The faster speeds of Comcast @Home allow users to download files in just seconds that usually take minutes or longer on other Internet services. Comcast @Home also offers unique multi-media local and national content for users.

Comcast Corporation is principally engaged in the development, management and operation of broadband cable networks and in the provision of content through principal ownership of QVC, Comcast-Spectator and Comcast SportsNet, a controlling interest in E! Entertainment Television and other programming investments.

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