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Cisco and Glocalnet Form Strategic Alliance to Showcase IP-Based Network Solutions

Europe Sets Pace as a Leading Adopter of The New World of
Mar 16, 1999

Europe Sets Pace as a Leading Adopter of The New World of IP-Based Telecommunications

STOCKHOLM, Sweden -- March 16, 1999 -- Glocalnet is to exchange its existing Voice-over-IP network to an end-to-end Cisco solution over a three-year period in a new multi-million dollar deal.

Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, and Glocalnet, a European leader in voice over IP service provisioning, announced the IP (Internet Protocol) technology and marketing alliance today.

Employing Cisco's New World networking solution, which includes Voice-over-IP, IP Virtual Private Networks and other IP-based value added services, Glocalnet will be able to provide high-quality IP-based services faster and more reliably to customers.

"Glocalnet is a pioneer in IP-based telephony, as such we hope they will form an example for other leading European service providers that look at using IP for competitive advantage in the New World of telecommunications," said Theo Wegbrans, vice president, Cisco Systems, European northern region.

"We will work closely with Glocalnet from the development and execution, through to the global marketing of the IP-based telecommunications solution," Wegbrans continued.

Glocalnet is a modern telecommunication company with a solid Swedish heritage. Over the past two years, Glocalnet has built a European network with IP-based services for the service provider market.

"Cisco holds a leading position for truly converged data and telecommunications solutions," said Andrin Bachmann, co-founder and executive vice president at Glocalnet.

"By upgrading to a Cisco solution, we get a scalable, reliable network based on future-proof technology," Bachmann continued.

The volume of data traffic is set to surpass the traditional voice traffic in public telephone networks. The result is an increasing number of service providers switching to IP-based solutions, capable of handling a larger amount of data, voice and video traffic.

About Glocalnet

Glocalnet is a next-generation telecommunications group. Glocalnet is operating one of the largest dedicated pan-European Voice-over-IP networks. Using this platform, it produces a variety of services - ranging from pure wholesale to full-fledged "telco in a box" solutions - that are marketed to service providers. These affiliated service providers include Stockholm Telecom and Glocalnet Greece. Glocalnet's headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company's stock is listed on the Reuters page of Aragon, a Swedish investment bank.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

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