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Sage Networks Deploys Cisco Powered Network Web-Hosting Services

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Feb 10, 1999

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- February 10, 1999 -- Sage Networks, Inc., a companyfocused on becoming the industry benchmark in Web hosting, today announcedparticipation in a joint-marketing program with Cisco Systems, the worldwideleader in networking equipment for the Internet. Sage Networks joins the selectgroup of Cisco Powered Network (CPN) service providers by meeting the stringentcriteria for quality service and support, and by deploying a significantinstallation of Cisco networking hardware.

Currently, Sage Networks offers Web-hosting services as part of the CiscoPowered Network program. Ciscos routers and switches, used in Sage Networksmultiple data facilities, enable Sage Networks to offer its customers a secure,reliable, and high-performance network infrastructure.

The Cisco Powered Network program recognizes a select group of serviceproviders worldwide. Sage Networks built a significant part of its network withCisco equipment and participates in the Cisco Powered Network program based onits comprehensive service delivery and robust infrastructure in the Web hostingindustry.

'We designed the Cisco Powered Network program to recognize and promoteservice providers who are committed to high-performance, reliable networkingservices,' said Larry Lang, vice president of service provider marketing atCisco Systems. 'Sage Networks relationship with Cisco is a significantindication of Sage Networks drive to deliver advanced, differentiated servicesto its customers.'

'We are proud to say that our network is based on Ciscos industry-leadingnetworking solutions and that we are able to support this excellence by usingthe most advanced infrastructure technologies available today,' said SteveMaggs, Chief Executive Officer of Sage Networks. 'Over 80 percent of allInternet traffic runs over Cisco equipment, the same equipment we use in ourinfrastructure, therefore we can guarantee our customers the highest level ofperformance and reliability. This is another way Sage Networks differs fromits competition, as it continues to set industry standards and surpass customerexpectations.'

About Sage Networks

Sage Networks, Inc., one of the largest Web-hosting companies in theindustry, is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative hostingsolutions and exceptional customer care. Through an acquisition strategy, SageNetworks has built an organization with years of cumulative Web hosting andInternet expertise. Sage Networks offers virtual, dedicated and co-locationhosting services to provide companies with cost-effective solutions that arescalable with their growth on the Internet. Mulitple data facilities withmultiple DS-3 connections, backup generators, stringent security standards and24x7 network monitoring ensure a high-performance, reliable hostingenvironment. Sage Networks has implemented call management, billing, technicaland customer support systems to quickly and effectively respond to the needs ofits customers and vast network of resellers worldwide. Headquartered inCambridge, Massachusetts, Sage Networks is funded by CharterhouseInternational, Inc., and SOFTBANK Technology Ventures.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

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