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Cisco Announces Innovative Internet Commerce Solution

Internet Commerce Leader Partners with BroadVision,
Feb 16, 1999

Internet Commerce Leader Partners with BroadVision, InterWorld Corporation, Open Market, and Consultants to Help Companies Succeed Using Internet Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- February 16, 1999 -- As part of its long-standing commitment in helping customers maximize the business advantage in using Internet-based applications, Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced its Internet Commerce Solution. The Internet Commerce Solution provides the Cisco best practices, high performance applications, consulting integration services, and optimized network infrastructures that companies need to realize rapid success in transacting business online with suppliers, business partners, and customers. Cisco's new Internet offering is based on the company's own experience as a global leader in Internet commerce with over 73 percent of the company's transactions conducted via the web today - a run rate of over $23 million daily or $8.3 billion annually.

Cisco has selected three of the leading enterprise-class Internet commerce application vendors as strategic partners in delivering this comprehensive Internet Commerce Solution to customers: BroadVision, InterWorld Corporation, and Open Market. In addition, Cisco has transferred its Internet commerce best practices, in terms of both business processes and IT implementation methodologies, to leading consulting integration partners: Cambridge Technology Partners, Ernst & Young, and KPMG. These Internet Business Solution Application and Consulting Partners have all selected Cisco as their strategic networking vendor. By combining Cisco's own hands-on Internet commerce and networking expertise together with applications and services from these partners, customers are able to move forward rapidly in implementing successful Internet commerce solutions.

"We are helping Cisco customers understand and rapidly execute industry-leading business and technology practices that drive successful Internet commerce implementations," explains Sue Bostrom, Vice President of Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group. "With Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution, companies are able to realize tremendous opportunities for using the Internet to improve customer satisfaction, reduce operating costs, and increase revenues from both existing and new customer segments. By working closely with our Internet Business Solution Application and Consulting Partners, we can help customers move quickly to get their Internet commerce sites up and running and achieve rapid success."

Amy B. Hawman, vice president of Internet channel and marketing for Xerox Corporation, emphasizes that "Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group and their partners have been incredibly valuable in helping us develop and implement our Internet commerce strategy. They provided us a deeper understanding of Cisco's own success with Internet commerce and the fundamental business benefits and opportunities that Internet commerce can offer Xerox. They also helped us benefit from their experience and lessons learned in both the business process changes required as well as leading practices in IT application development and infrastructure."

Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution is also helping AmKor Technology, an industry-leading provider of integrated circuit packaging, assembly, and test services to redefine its Internet commerce business strategy and implementation. "Our work with Cisco's Internet Business Solutions Group has been very informative and helpful to us in getting a secure hold on our e-commerce vision and approach," said Bob Filipski, corporate vice president of planning and systems at AmKor Technology. "The tools and frameworks are excellent, and we plan to utilize them as we go forward with prioritizing and justifying our initiatives."

One central emphasis of Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution is business-to-business Internet commerce. David Strom, a leading authority on Internet commerce, points out that "Business-to-business e-commerce is the real success story for the moment. While the past holiday shopping season has received lots of public attention, most of the real money is being made in businesses selling to others and connecting their suppliers together via Internet technologies. And Cisco is one of the best examples in this space."

Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution

Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution is comprised of four major components, including:
  • Industry-Leading Practices - Cisco provides a broad portfolio of recommended business and technology practices, Internet commerce business models, strategic frameworks, planning tools, and implementation methodologies based on the company's own industry-leading Internet commerce expertise.

  • Network Foundation - Complete Cisco network reference architectures and pre-configured network designs provide the essential foundations for building a state-of-the-art, end-to-end enterprise network infrastructure that is highly scalable, reliable, secure, and optimized to support Internet commerce applications.

  • Internet Business Solution Application Partners - Leading Internet commerce application vendors BroadVision, InterWorld Corporation, and Open Market have selected Cisco as their strategic networking partner. In addition to strategic business development and marketing efforts, these providers of enterprise-class, high performance Internet commerce applications are also working closely with Cisco to enhance the performance and functionality of their products by taking advantage of Cisco's leading-edge networking technologies.

  • Internet Business Solution Consulting Partners - Cambridge Technology Partners, Ernst & Young, and KPMG have selected Cisco as their strategic networking partner in providing strategic consulting and integration services for all Internet-based solutions and web technologies. Cisco has worked closely with these partners to help integrate the company's best practice business processes and IT implementation methodologies into their respective Internet Commerce Solution offerings.

Additional Internet Powered Solutions from Cisco

In addition to Cisco's Internet Commerce Solution, the Internet Business Solutions Group is developing Internet Powered Solutions for Employee Services, Customer Care, and Supply Chain Management. These solutions will be announced later in the year.