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Service Providers in China Select Cisco's Optical Internetworking Strategy to Build New World Networks

Cisco 12000 GSR Provides Critical Component in China's
Jan 04, 1999

Cisco 12000 GSR Provides Critical Component in China's Internetworking Capability

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- January 4, 1999 -- Cisco Systems today announced that it is enabling service providers in China to reengineer their networks for next-generation optical internetworking while empowering the country to build a stronger backbone network.

Service providers in China are selecting the Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Router (GSR) series to build out New World Networks optimized for data, voice and video. The Cisco GSR is the critical component to Cisco's optical internetworking strategy to build networks that run IP directly over the optical layer.

Prominent service providers in China already deploying Gigabit Switch Routers include China Telecom, Shanghai Online, Guangdong CATV and Dalian CATV who will be among the first in the world to be able to harness the power of optical internetworking.

"Service providers in China clearly recognize the advantages of optical internetworking," said Graeme Fraser, general manager of the Optical Internetworking Business Unit. "These service providers are building networks that will ensure China's significant role in the Internet economy."

Today's public networks use older time-division multiplexing (TDM) technology, which forces all types of traffic into connections aggregated from 64 kbps voice channels. In the optical internetworking world, much of this traditional equipment becomes unnecessary due to gains afforded by statistical multiplexing. By statistically multiplexing packets and cells over wavelengths in the optical network layer, switches and routers can provide increased bandwidth efficiency and eliminate substantial cost and complexity. The result is a more flexible network that can carry data, voice, and video.

China Telecom

China Telecom, the national telecommunications carrier, has rolled-out a network centered around six GSRs working into a pan-China IP backbone. ChinaNet ("163 network") is the country's largest Internet access network and covers 30 provinces. The current ChinaNet backbone upgrade program was initiated at the beginning of this year. Following the implementation of new capabilities at the national level, each province in China will begin building up their own local backbone networks.

Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are key cities where demand is highest for IP-based multiservice networks. As hubs for regional trade and communications, these cities need high-bandwidth, reliable and secure infrastructures as development continues to accelerate. For that reason, China Telecom selected Cisco GSRs to carry the load at these strategic hubs.

Shanghai Online

Shanghai Online, the Internet service provider for one of China's most progressive municipalities, also has selected Cisco Systems as its technology supplier for its next-generation backbone. Shanghai Online deployed the GSR into its backbone enabling it to roll out a Packet-over-SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) capability that can send IP packets over SDH equipment.

Guangdong CATV

Guangdong CATV, one of the largest cable television stations in China, is implementing Cisco 12008 Gigabit Switch Routers in its backbone network. The network will provide integrated MPEG2 video, H.729 audio and LAN data traffic over a single IP platform to more than 400,000 subscribers in 21 cities in Guangdong province. These GSRs are part of an end-to-end Cisco solution that also includes high-end routers and remote access servers.

The Cisco-based solution that Guangdong CATV has will enable the station to optimize bandwidth utilization over its existing high-speed SDH optic fiber backbone.

"We selected Cisco Systems over its competitors because it was able to demonstrate the level of support and performance we needed," said Wang Chang Li, president of Guangdong CATV. We have ambitious plans to offer a variety of multimedia value-added services to our cable TV subscribers, so we demand tremendous new functionality and higher performance from our networking equipment. Cisco's end-to-end packaged service and hardware provides us with the kind of total solution that is essential for a reliable and scalable network."

Dalian CATV

Dalian CATV also is installing the Cisco 12008 Gigabit Switch Router into its backbone network and transmitting data, voice and live video throughout the city of Dalian. The network covers 16 branch nodes in the city, which are connected by SDH equipment.

Cisco 12000 Gigabit Switch Router Series

The Cisco 12000 GSR series of routers are the company's next-generation range of Internet routing products targeted at Internet service providers (ISPs), carriers who provide Internet services, Internet 2 and next-generation network applications and high-speed enterprise WAN backbones.

Cisco Systems

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