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Covad Communications and Cisco Systems Form Team To Support Growth of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)-based Products and Services

Covad Communications Web Site Santa Clara, Calif., (December
Dec 07, 1998

Santa Clara, Calif., (December 7, 1998) -- Covad Communications Company, the first Packet Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (PCLEC) and a leading provider of digital communications services, and Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO), the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that they have entered into a deployment and co-development relationship. Under the agreement, Covad will deploy Cisco DSL solutions to corporate telecommuters and small-to-medium sized businesses in a number of metropolitan areas across the country. Furthermore, the two companies will immediately begin joint engineering activities to support the growth of Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)-based products and services.

This agreement is an extension of the relationship between Covad and Cisco that has been building over the last year. Covad is a Cisco Powered Network service provider and has been deploying Cisco routers, ATM equipment, IDSN line cards and customer premise equipment since it launched the Company in December of 1997.

Under this new agreement, Covad and Cisco have expanded the DSL solution set to include Cisco 6100 series advanced DSL access multiplexers, the Cisco 675 SOHO/telecommuter DSL router, and Cisco 7000 series termination products. Additionally, the two companies will combine strengths to facilitate the development of products to support existing and new DSL services.

Robert E. Knowling, president and CEO of Covad Communications, said, "Covad has had a strong relationship with Cisco since the early days of our company. It has become clear over the past year that Covad and Cisco are well positioned to work together in accelerating the delivery of DSL-based solutions. Given Cisco's history of innovative engineering and its leadership in the networking market, this is a very exciting relationship for Covad."

"Teaming with a leading DSL service provider like Covad is an excellent fit for Cisco," added Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President of the Service Provider Line of Business at Cisco. "Covad's high-quality service offerings and national deployment plans, combined with our leadership in the enterprise network equipment market, provide a great opportunity to shape feature-rich DSL products and services for business users, as wellas to increase the rate at which these solutions are accepted in the market."

Covad and Cisco are both members of the Universal ADSL Working Group (UAWG), a group formed earlier this year to accelerate the adoption and availability of high-speed DSL-based Internet access services for the mass market.

About Covad Communications Company

Covad Communications is a leading packet-based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier that provides dedicated high-speed digital communication services using Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology to enterprise and Internet Service Provider ("ISP") customers. The Company has launched its services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York and Boston metropolitan areas and has announced plans to deploy its service network in a total of 22 regions nationwide. Covad Communications' corporate headquarters are located at 2330 Central Expressway, Santa Clara, Calif., 95050. For more information concerning Covad Communications Company and the TeleSpeed service visit: or email Telephone: 408-844-7500 or 1-888-GO-COVAD; FAX: 408-844-7501.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is theworldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

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