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Cisco Facilitates Deployment of Emerging Technologies Through Knowledge-Transfer Partner Program

Program Delivers Tools, Methodologies and Expert Support
Dec 10, 1998

Program Delivers Tools, Methodologies and Expert Support

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- December 10, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced Cisco-Enabled Network Solutions (CENS), a program to enhance channel partners' ability to sell and deliver service solutions. Channel partners participating in the CENS program will be trained and provisioned with support processes and backup assistance. The program expedites the delivery of advanced network deployment services to the market, providing channel partners' end-users the assurance of a successful implementation.

"The CENS program is an extension of Cisco's ongoing partner enablement initiative and overall corporate technology focus," said Clayton Reed, vice president and general manager of Customer Advocacy for Cisco Systems. "It has been demonstrated that early-adopters in particular benefit from the advanced support capabilities defined within the CENS program. By using innovative knowledge transfer methods CENS delivers up-to-date, comprehensive, tested services solutions to our extensive network of partners, providing a foundation upon which they add their own expertise in addressing customer needs."

The first service products offered by CENS-authorized partners are Dial Security, IP Quality of Service, WAN Network Implementation, CIP Integration, and LAN Inventory.

CENS enhances channel partners' and professional services providers' ability to offer their customers services solutions for new technologies while reducing the risk and effort sometimes associated with early adoption. The process ensures that authorized partners are able to provide high-level, value-add services. CENS provides early-adopter customers the confidence that their services providers are practicing proven techniques using tools specifically developed for Cisco technology.

"CENS gives us a decisive competitive advantage by complementing our own expertise with Cisco's proven solutions, thus facilitating quick implementation and high customer satisfaction," says Josip Jurkovic, executive director, Sales and Marketing, NIL Data Communications of Ljubljana, Slovenia. "During the selling process, only the ability of local implementation and support is regarded as being of higher importance than Cisco's brand and backing."

Cisco-Enabled Network Solutions

CENS is the next step in Cisco's commitment to enable the channel to assist end-users with their need to obtain, plan and design, and implement networking solutions with optimal efficiency.

The CENS enablement and authorization process adds significant value to professional services partners' and channel partners' product deployment services. The initial enablement delivered by a combination of mentoring, training and web support tools, ensures that partners can offer consistently high levels of expertise to their customers' projects. In addition, the pre-defined services provide a foundation upon which partners can build their own value-add solutions for their customers. The CENS designation also establishes authorized partners as services leaders and key allies of Cisco.

CENS gives end-users access to a set of specialized technical expertise, tools, methodologies and support through their channel partners and professional services providers. With predefined solutions, extensive enablement and Cisco serving as backup, end-users can confidently deploy these new technologies sooner, delivering enhanced services to their customers and achieving a clear advantage over their competition.

Cisco Enabled Framework

CENS is one of Cisco's first services programs based on the Cisco Enabled Framework (CEF) initiative. CEF is an architecture that facilitates the collaborative exchange of knowledge, content, processes and tools. CEF was created to extend Cisco's ability to ensure end-user success by enabling Cisco's partners to move from device support to emerging solution deployment. The initiative identifies key resources and then establishes the optimum vehicle for packaging and delivering those resources.


CENS is currently available in Cisco's Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) theater. Subsequent phases will roll out in all other theaters with dates to be announced.

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