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Cisco Doubles Density of Dial Access Systems

Double Density and Introduction of AS5300 Redundant Power
Dec 01, 1998

Double Density and Introduction of AS5300 Redundant Power SupplyEnhance Scale and Reliability of AS5x00 Line

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- December 1, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the industry's highest-density dial access systems with the introduction of double-density versions of the Cisco AS5300 and AS5800 universal access servers and the Cisco AccessPath-TS3 integrated access system. Cisco's new double-density dial access products, with support for more than 5,000 ports in a single 7-foot rack, give service providers and large enterprises cost-optimized, highly-available, scalable solutions for taking advantage of premium-priced central office rack space.

"By doubling the density of our dial access systems, Cisco fulfills our commitment to deliver unprecedented scalability and performance while maintaining investment protection for our customers," said Roland Acra, vice president and general manager of Cisco's Remote Access Business Unit. "The new double-density products enable service providers to build the largest-scale, highest availability, integrated voice and data solutions in the industry."

In addition to doubling modem density, Cisco also announced the availability of a new internal redundant power supply (RPS) for the Cisco AS5300 universal access server.


Cisco's AS5300 now delivers up to 240 ports in a package that is only 3.5 vertical inches high (two rack units). Double-density AS5300 systems can be configured with four or eight T1/E1 interfaces with integrated Channel Service Units (CSUs), new double-density MICA carrier cards and/or voice DSP cards. In addition, the new design offers four integrated WAN ports which enable service providers to terminate frame relay circuits or more cost-effectively distribute access servers in small Points of Presence (POPs) by using the WAN ports to backhaul the traffic to a central site.


The AS5800 now delivers top performance for as many as 1,344 concurrent sessions. The double-density AS5800 can be configured with up to 48 T1/E1 trunk interfaces or two channelized T3 (CT3) trunk interfaces and new double-density 144-modem carrier cards. These cards are fully compatible with the existing trunk and modem cards, providing investment protection and easy migration to higher density.


AccessPath-TS3, which now scales to more than 5,000 ports in a single system, leverages the new AS5300 with the redundant power supply to provide industry-leading scalability, availability and performance for very high capacity data or voice requirements.

Cisco IOS. Software

Cisco IOS software provides unequaled support and enhancements for networking protocols. The mature and robust support provided by scalable Cisco IOS technologies enables service providers to offer new, competitive services beyond Internet dial, including virtual private networks (VPNs), multiple service levels, detailed billing and network gaming. In addition, Cisco IOS now includes a wide range of voice applications, including toll bypass, universally accessible voice-and-fax-mail services, aggregation for intracompany phone calling and faxing, phone-to-phone through PBXs and Key Systems, and real-time fax-to-fax.

Redundant Power Supply

Cisco has added an internal redundant power supply to the AS5300 universal access server. The new, patented RPS fits into the same internal slot as the existing power supply, making the AS5300 the only remote access concentrator of its class on the market with true load-sharing, internal redundant power.

Service providers require high availability and reliability for their complex dial POPs. Higher system density creates increased dependencies upon those systems, resulting in even greater demand for availability and reliability. By adding true load-sharing power capabilities to the Cisco AS5300 through an integrated RPS, Cisco extends the life of the power supply and doubles its Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) to greater than 500,000 hours.

The AS5800, introduced earlier this year, comes equipped with redundant, hot-swappable, load-sharing power systems for either AC or DC environments.

Pricing and Availability

AS5800 double-density 144-modem cards, priced at $45,000, have been shipping since August 1998.

AS5300 with double-density trunk and modem cards, priced at $75,920 (chassis + 8 x T1 + 192 modems) and $88,640 (chassis + 8 x E1 + 240 modems), will be available in December 1998.

AccessPath-TS3 with double-density will be available in December 1998 at a base price of $387 per port.

The AS5300's redundant AC power supply is available now for $1,500, when purchased with a new server, and $2,500 when purchased as an upgrade for an existing server. A DC version of the AS5300 RPS will be available in the first quarter of 1999 for $2,400, with an upgrade available for $3,400.

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