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Cisco Extends Winning Solutions for High-Density Dedicated Internet Access

New Software and Platform Extensions Offer Eight Times the
Nov 23, 1998

New Software and Platform Extensions Offer Eight Times the Capacity of 7500 Router Series for Service Provider Applications

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- November 23, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., today announced platform and software enhancements that provide eight times the number of connections supported by the Cisco 7500-based dedicated access solutions for service provider and enterprise environments. These enhancements complement the existing Multichannel networking suite of products to enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to scale their access networks to larger numbers of higher bandwidth customers.

The first of these enhancements is the new Cisco 7576 router, a 13-slot, high-end solution targeting service providers and large enterprises that require the highest density, and most resilient, dedicated access connectivity. With double the aggregate capacity of current products, this new solution provides twice the port density and packet switching capacity of the Cisco 7513, and adds flexibility, scalability, and performance for next-generation networks.

The second enhancement is with the new Cisco IOS. software 12.0 release that increases the number of concurrent connections by a factor of four per router. In this release, each connection can be supported with the rich set of QoS and accounting features among other enhancements. This software release also offers new distributed services for Cisco 7500 systems for bundling and managing multiple T1 links into a single customer connection, thereby eliminating the need for hardware inverse multiplexers.

"In order for Qwest to be competitive in this market, we needed to build a state-of-the-art, reliable, intelligent and flexible infrastructure," said Larry Bouman, executive vice president of product development and multimedia services at Qwest Communications International Inc. "By leveraging Cisco's multichannel port adapters and clear channel interfaces in the Cisco 7500, we are able to provide a number of valuable services to our customers including dedicated internet access at attractive prices. Cisco's new enhancements to the 7500 will keep us ahead of the pack as our services grow. "

Greater Capacity for Full Service Connections

With its four CyBusses, the Cisco 7576 can accommodate higher T1/T3 concentrations and make more efficient use of each router slot when matched with higher density OC-3 uplinks without link over-subscription. Two independent Route Switch Processors, each attached to a pair of CyBusses, create two independent routers within a Cisco 7576 chassis.

To significantly increase the number of routed leased line and Frame Relay connections, Cisco has combined its recently introduced multi-channel link technology with Cisco IOS software. The advanced Versatile Interface Processors perform distributed switching and enable layer 3 services including rich QoS, accounting, and security services which can be applied to each of these connections. With the combination of Cisco 7576 and Cisco IOS software, Cisco is able to provide industry-leading high density, full service connections.

"Cisco has done, and continues to do, the work needed to scale layer three routing and services for high density ISP dedicated access while retaining management and provisioning flexibility," said Rob Quiros, Cisco's Product Line Manager for Dedicated Access Solutions. "This is quite a challenge and has forced other vendors to introduce high port density solutions that sacrifice Quality of Service, security or other critical layer 3 services."

Reduced Costs

Because of the high levels of integration in the Cisco 7500 platform with the multichannel networking technology, customers are able to eliminate the cost of external CSU/DSUs and multiplexers and terminate up to 56 T1 connections per 7500 slot, saving both money and rack space.

Increasingly, space is currently at a premium for large Point of Presence (POP) providers and the integration of two routers in a small footprint means better rack space utilization and thus, reduced costs. What's more, because the Cisco 7576 supports twice the bandwidth of the Cisco 7513, high port densities with new port adapters, customers can have more connections into a single platform saving both management resources and capital equipment costs.

Simplified Management, Flexible Provisioning and High-Availability

The integrated design of the Cisco 7500 platforms allows for direct management of internal CSU/DSUs and multichannel interfaces via the router. With these integrated capabilities, overall system management is much easier and cost-effective.

In terms of flexibility, with Cisco multichannel technology, a single port can be used for up to 128 connections (flexibly configurable between 64Kbps, NxDS0, fractional-T1/E1, or T1/E1) that can be used for PPP, HDLC, or Frame Relay connections.

Cisco Multichannel networking technology is the combination of hardware and software capabilities within the Cisco 7000 series that allow ISDN, DS0, NxDS0, FT1, T1, NxT1, sub-rate DS3 and full rate DS3 connections to be terminated on T3 router ports. Connection types are software configurable and all CSU/DSU and line interface functionality is integrated into these ports.

As network needs change, bandwidth can be reallocated to increase connection speeds without moving any cables. Additionally, new Multilink PPP software in Cisco IOS software enables these ports to be used for NxT1 services; opening the market for multi-megabit leased line services.

High availability and resiliency features on the Cisco 7576 include dual power supplies, dual processors, automatic protection switching of Packet over SONET interfaces and a feature called FastBoot in case one router needs to be reset.

The Cisco 7576 is compatible with all existing 7500 series line cards, Virtual Interface Processors (VIP), Route Switch Processors (RSPs) and Port Adapters (PAs) to insure investment protection.

Pricing and Availability

The Cisco 7576 router is available and shipping now starting at $45,000. Availability of Cisco IOS software 12.0 release with the scalability enhancements for dedicated access applications is scheduled for the first half of 1999. Multichannel interfaces are available and shipping for T1, E1, T3 and E3 connectivity starting at less than $800 per T1 port.

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