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SkyCache Certifies Cisco Cache Engine as "SkyCache Compatible"

SkyCache Web Site Laurel, MD -- October 12, 1998 -- SkyCache
Oct 12, 1998

Laurel, MD -- October 12, 1998 -- SkyCache Inc., the world's premier high-speed datacastingcompany revolutionizing the Internet today certified Cisco System's Cache Engine version 1.7 asSkyCache Compatible.

"Cisco's Cache Engine enables ISPs and enterprise WANs to maximize bandwidth through a simpleand cost effective solution," stated Doug Humphrey, president and CEO of SkyCache. "Thecombination of SkyCache and the Cache Engine will also provide an 'octane booster' for Webenvironments."

SkyCache, through a combination of its patent-pending Reactive Caching system and cacheprepopulation, provides superior performance by supplementing a stand-alone cache with high-qualitydata delivered by satellite broadcast technology. The SkyCache Release 1.0 cache turbochargingservice enables ISPs to add more customers to existing leased line capacity and deliver substantiallyfaster web page response times in many cases.

"Caching enables ISPs to maximize use of available bandwidth and improve performance for the enduser," said Jeff Baher, product marketing manager of Cisco Systems, Inc. "SkyCache is a goodcomplement for creating a cost-effective solution for our customers."

SkyCache uses satellite broadcast technology to constantly load the most often requested InternetWeb and directly into customer-side ICP-compliant caches. In addition, SkyCache uses reportingstatistics from customers to build a large cache community for the reactive caching component of theservice.

ISPs and enterprises will realize reduced bandwidth and communications costs plus faster responsetimes when the most popular, constantly updated Internet and news traffic is delivered via SkyCache'ssatellite broadcast service to Cisco's Cache Engine appliances. End users reap faster response timessince the most commonly requested Web pages are stored at local Web cache servers.

SkyCache, by virtue of being a true broadcast mechanism to deliver data, solves updating andcommunications problems across distributed caching systems implemented by Tier 1 ISPs andenterprises. Since all caches are constantly and directly refreshed with the most frequently accessedWeb pages via satellite, terrestrial leased line bandwidth is not consumed by cache communicationand data updating, nor is it necessary to implement a multi-tiered hierarchical infrastructure.

About SkyCache

SkyCache is devoted to the implementation and operation of high-speed satellite datacasting systemsfor the movement of World Wide Web content, Usenet News, digital audio and video data streams,and the synchronization of distributed data systems, among other applications. The corporation isheadquartered in Laurel, MD and founded by Internet pioneer Doug Humphrey. Humphrey is also thefounder of DIGEX, Inc., a 1991 basement startup ISP that was sold for $150 million to IntermediaCommunications, Inc. in 1997. Additional information on SkyCache services is available "SkyCache" and its logo are trademarked throughout the world and "SkyCacheCompatible" is a trademark of SkyCache. SkyCache is a privately held company.

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