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Jyra's SMA to Add Performance Monitoring Solution to Cisco Service Management System

Initial Sales and Marketing Campaign to Target European
Oct 28, 1998

Initial Sales and Marketing Campaign to Target European Service Providers

LONDON -- October 28, 1998 -- Jyra Research Inc. announced today that it is working with Cisco Systems, Inc. to jointly market the Jyra Service Management Architecture (SMA) to Cisco's service provider customer base. Jyra's SMA monitors the performance of network services in terms of user response times and will complement the Provisioning, Operations and Assurance framework built within Cisco's Service Management System (CSM). Joint marketing will occur initially in Europe and then begin in the United States.

CSM delivers a modular suite of service management solutions that enable service providers to plan, provision, monitor and bill for advanced services. Jyra's SMA will enable end-to-end, service-level monitoring within CSM.

David Jones, director of marketing for Cisco's Network and Services Management Business Unit commented, "Jyra will allow service providers to create, monitor and report on service-level agreements that reflect the service delivered to the end-user. This capability is becoming an essential requirement for many service providers."

Jyra already provides Cisco-specific functionality within SMA and plans to capitalize on the open, standards based architecture of CSM to develop solutions that directly reflect the requirements of the Cisco user population.

"We have never questioned the market potential for Jyra SMA, our challenge was global sales coverage and speed of penetration into the highly competitive service provider marketplace. Cisco has given us access to the most efficient sales machine in the industry, and their endorsement of our technology provides us with an enviable platform for growth and increased market share." Nigel Williams, VP Business Development for Jyra Research.

About Jyra Research

Jyra Research, Inc. is a leader in Java-based network performance monitoring. Jyra SMA measures quality of service delivered to the desktop user, connected to large corporate networks or the Internet. As such, Jyra believes that SMA will have the potential to facilitate mass market electronic commerce and allow network operators to provide business-oriented service level agreements.

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