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Industry Leaders Join Forces to Support an Interoperable Digital Networking Standard for Europe

Leading Cable Modem and Cable Set-Top Box Manufacturers
Oct 20, 1998

Leading Cable Modem and Cable Set-Top Box Manufacturers Develop Products Based on Broadcom's ITU-Compliant Silicon Platform

LONDON, UK -- October 20, 1998 -- Cisco Systems (NASDAQ : CSCO) announced today it is joining with Broadcom, Dassault IT, Deltakabel, Elsa, FUBA-General Instrument (GI), Motorola, Pace, Samsung, Teldat, Tonna, and 3Com to develop and support interoperable cable modem products based on the International Telecommunications Union ITU-T J.112 Data-over-Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS) standard.

This group of industry leaders, who represent themselves as the European Cable Modem Coalition, will offer European consumers and cable operators the availability today of production-ready, interoperable cable modems and interactive cable-TV set-top boxes from multiple sources. Cable products based on the ITU-compliant cable modem standard will enable European consumers to receive data, digital video, telephony and Internet access at speeds up to 56 megabits-per-second (Mbps) downstream and 20 Mbps upstream over the existing cable networks.

The European Cable Modem Coalition will demonstrate an end-to-end ITU-TJ.112-compliant system with production-ready headends, cable modems and interactive cable-TV set-top boxes at the European Cable Communication '98 trade show in London this week. The objective of the demonstrations is to exemplify the breadth of products available today from different cable equipment manufacturers that support integrated voice, video and data services. Coinciding with the demonstrations is a seminar for European cable operators and technical industry experts to present the benefits of an interoperable cable modem standard, and outline near-term and future services that will be available through the cable networks.

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