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Cisco Streamlines New World Service Operations with Configuration Express

Ready, Set - Service On! More information on Cisco's
Oct 26, 1998

Ready, Set - Service On!

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- October 26, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today introduced Configuration Express, an Internet-commerce product that allows service providers to greatly streamline the delivery of new services by allowing them to specify a router's software configuration prior to shipping it to the customer's premises.

Configuration Express is one of the many ways Cisco enables service providers to enter the New World of operations. New World operations are those that allow users to interact directly with the operations systems through the Internet and the Web, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.

Configuration Express is a new product on the Cisco Connection Online (CCO) Internet-commerce Web site that allows service providers to order a router, specify the Cisco IOS. software configuration and have the product shipped directly to the customer. When the product arrives at the customer premises, it is ready for installation - complete with asset tagging and labeling that the service provider specified during the online-ordering process. Prior to this, service providers had to order the router, have it shipped to their warehouse for configuration and asset tagging - then they sent it on to the customer's location for installation. This meant longer lead times before the service provider could turn on billable services, as well as higher cost for the service deployment.

With Configuration Express, service providers can quickly remove the cost and time from the deployment process. Configuration Express enables service providers to meet the growing demand for managed services from small and medium business customers.

"Cisco is bringing to market 'enabling-business' capabilities that are highly valued by providers," said Cathy Gadecki, director of broadband consulting at TeleChoice, a telecommunications management consulting firm in Verona, N.J. "Enabling-business tools that deliver time and cost benefits are critical to both traditional and emerging service providers as they stretch to support a rapidly growing number of data customers."

Cisco pioneered this model of network commerce through its own e-commerce Web site. In any given month, CCO addresses more than 100,000 technical support requests and provides twice as many software downloads to increase operational efficiency and deliver customer satisfaction.

"Configuration Express is further proof of Cisco's commitment to becoming the preferred vendor for equipment that will build the telecommunications infrastructure of tomorrow," said Larry Lang, vice president of marketing for the Cisco Service Provider Line of Business. "We are opening the New World to service providers and their operational systems through Cisco's own experience with Internet-commerce and Cisco Connection Online."

Configuration Express will be available in December to service providers who use the CCO Internet-commerce Web site for ordering Cisco 700, 1600 and 2500 series routers. Early next year, Configuration Express will support modular routers including Cisco 1700, 2524, 2525, 2600, 3600, 4500 and 4700 series.

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