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Cisco's Enterprise Associates Program Proves Viability of Multi-vendor Mainframe-to-Network Integration Solutions

Vendors Test Interoperability and Strengthen Support for
Oct 06, 1998

Vendors Test Interoperability and Strengthen Support for Integrated Solutions

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC -- October 6, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. has initiated a program that assures enterprises of the interoperability of client, server and management products with Cisco routers for integrating Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

Through the Enterprise Associates Program (EAP), vendors collaborate on abattery of interoperability tests. The EAP test results provide enterpriseswith a level of confidence in creating optimal client-to-mainframe connectivitysolutions.

EAP Strengthens Customer Support

EAP also strengthens the cooperation between Cisco and EAP vendors in providing customer support. Enterprises will benefit from the EAP interoperability tests that determine optimal configurations and identifies implementation pitfalls to avoid.

Cisco's EAP Web site ( valuable information about viable, multi-vendor SNA and IP integration solutions.

"Information available through the Enterprise Associates Program will helpenterprises narrow down the products to consider for SNA-to-IP migration," said Richard Buckle, president of Insession. "We are pleased to be working together with Cisco to take the guesswork out of interoperability. Ultimately, this program will save our customers time and money."

Enterprise Associate Program Members and Products

The following is a list of Enterprise Associates Program members and theirproducts that are currently being tested for interoperability with Ciscorouters:
  • Attachmate's EXTRA!. Personal Client, which provides a complete thick and thin client solution for host access including access to SNA TN3270applications over TCP/IP networks.
  • Insession's ICE, available from ACI of Omaha NE, which provides SNAconnectivity between Tandem computers and mainframes.
  • OpenConnect's OC://WebConnect Pro SNA Access Server which provides a platform for TN3270 application integration.
  • StarQuest Software's StarSQL Enterprise Edition which provides access to host databases over TCP/IP networks.
  • Sterling Software's SOLVE:Netmaster for TCP/IP which provides management of Cisco's Channel Interface Processor (CIP), Channel Port Adapter (CPA), and TN3270e Server.
  • Wall Data's Rumba which provides access to SNA TN3270applications over TCP/IP networks.
  • Zephyr's PASSPORT which provides access to SNA TN3270E applications over TCP/IP networks.
  • ZNYX's NetBlaster ZX361-ISL Fast Ethernet/Token Ring adapter which provides Token Ring tunneling over Cisco's Interswitch Link protocol (ISL) and Cisco Fast EtherChannel connectivity with any switch or router supporting ISL.

"Today, network managers have become increasingly responsible for handlingnetwork integration," said Frank Maly, director of marketing for Cisco'sInterWorks Business Unit. "The Enterprise Associates program is one way we can help our customers build the most stable, robust network."

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