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Cisco Announces the Cisco uBR7223 Universal Broadband Router

Cost-Effective, Standards-Compliant Solution Enables
Oct 26, 1998

Cost-Effective, Standards-Compliant Solution Enables High-Speed Data Services and Internet Access

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- October 26, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced the Cisco uBR7223, an integrated, Data-Over-Cable System Interface Specification (DOCSIS)-compatible headend solution that incorporates everything a cable operator needs to run data services over cable.

The Cisco uBR7223 is a cost-effective, scalable interface between subscriber cable modems and the backbone data network, and is designed specifically for small- to medium-sized network installations. By combining the power of a Cisco 7200 series router with the high-speed network access of a Cable Modem Termination Shelf (CMTS), the Cisco uBR7223 enables cable operators to offer high-speed data services to customers, maximize the efficiency of network bandwidth utilization and increase profits from the same scarce network resources.

"While the uBR7246 was the first system to enable large cable operators to have cost-effective, standards-based, scalable solutions, operators of small' to medium-sized cable systems were left with solutions that were either too expensive or were based on proprietary architectures," said Paul Bosco, general manager of Cisco's Cable Products and Solutions Business Unit. "The Cisco uBR7223 delivers the cost-effectiveness of a uBR7246 to much smaller network installations in a compact, integrated, DOCSIS-compatible package while still enabling high-speed data services."


The Cisco uBR7223 combines the functions of a traditional, high-end router with a cable modem shelf into one cost-effective package. Routing provides the cable operator with several advantages over alternative bridging architectures, including network privacy, efficient use of bandwidth and centralized network control. By incorporating routing into a headend modem package, the Cisco uBR7223 eliminates the need for a separate, co-located router, reducing both rack space requirements and operational costs.

The multiple plug-in modem card design of the Cisco uBR7223 allows cable operators to install equipment today with the assurance that technological improvements will be supported in the future. This integrated design guarantees investment protection and allows maximum flexibility in network architectures by simultaneously supporting multiple configurations such as two-way and telephone return.


The Cisco uBR7223 is one of the only DOCSIS-compatible headend products available today. Cisco is working with a large number of consumer electronics manufacturers to ensure the availability of low-cost, interoperable cable modems. In addition, Cisco will work to ensure the interoperability of the Cisco uBR7223 with partner modems by cooperating in the design and compliance testing of all partner modems. Cisco is committed to the success of standards-based solutions for the cable industry and has been involved in extensive interoperability and compliance testing at CableLabs since January of 1998.

The Cisco uBR7223 is built on the proven foundation of Cisco's industry-leading uBR7246, which was the first interoperable, standards-compliant, cable headend on the market. The uBR7246 began shipping in February of 1998 and is currently installed and operation in over 200 headends worldwide.

"The Cisco uBR7223 is sized and priced perfectly for small' to medium-sized operators who want to want to begin offering high speed data services, but don't have the resources of a large company," said Michael Ingram, director of Interactive Services at Prestige Cable TV, Inc. "The Cisco uBR7223 was up and running flawlessly from the moment we plugged it in and we now have it operating with modems from several different vendors."


The Cisco uBR7223 is available immediately. This fully configured system includes all of the CMTS and routing elements needed to offer data-over-cable services from a small headend or hub serving up to 10,000 homes passed. This configuration also provides an additional modem card slot for future expansion.

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