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Cincinnati Bell Launches High-Speed Zoom Service

Company teams with Cisco Systems to offer DSL to operating
Oct 20, 1998

Company teams with Cisco Systems to offer DSL to operating area

CINCINNATI, OH -- October 20, 1998 -- Cincinnati Bell today launched Zoom, a DSL service that delivers high-speed data connectivity, including Internet access, at affordable prices to residents and businesses. Cincinnati Bell is the first DSL provider in the region.

Cincinnati Bell's Zoom offers customers line speed connections up to 50 times faster than a 28.8 Kbps modem. Subscribers to the service have a secure connection to the Internet and can use the line for phone conversations while they are simultaneously connected to data services.

"Zoom is the first of two important steps for Cincinnati Bell," said Richard G. Ellenberger, Cincinnati Bell president and CEO. "In the coming weeks, we will unveil a new interactive communications tool that uses Zoom to create new ways for people to communicate, work and live."

Cincinnati Bell will offer Zoom immediately to more than one third of the residents and businesses in Cincinnati Bell's operating area where DSL technology has already been deployed, including parts of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Cincinnati Bell will keep adding technology, with a goal of making Zoom available to 85 percent of its customers by the end of next year.

Cincinnati Bell teamed with Cisco Systems, Inc. to deploy a unique and cutting-edge combination of end-to-end DSL networking equipment manufactured by Cisco. Cincinnati Bell installed central office equipment that includes the Cisco 6100 series advanced DSL access multiplexer, the Cisco 6510 Service Selection Gateway, and Cisco 7000 series terminating units. The Cisco 675 SOHO/telecommuter router is being used to connect customer premises to the service. Cincinnati Bell and Cisco Systems' joint efforts made it possible to bring this technology to Cincinnati Bell customers.

"We are excited about the work we are doing with Cincinnati Bell," said Kevin Kennedy, senior vice president of the Service Provider Line of Business at Cisco Systems. "Their DSL deployment will place Greater Cincinnati on the leading edge of the digital revolution. Cincinnati Bell customers will benefit from the superior service and value that results from the company's commitment to high-quality, affordable services and Cisco's powerfully scalable DSL technology."

Pricing and Installation

Those Cincinnati Bell customers that act quickly will receive the company's introductory offer of a free DSL modem and free installation, a $500 value. Cincinnati Bell is also offering a self-install option. Cincinnati Bell is providing DSL connections at three of the lowest pricing plans in the industry. Based on the speed of the connection compared with a 28.8 Kbps modem, users can choose from:
  • ZoomSpeed - 13x speed for $29.95 per month. (Downstream is 384 Kbps; upstream is 90 Kbps.)
  • TurboZoom - 26x speed for $59.95 per month. (Downstream speed is 768 Kbps; upstream is 384 Kbps.)
  • HyperZoom - 50x speed for $159.95 per month. (Downstream speed is 1.5 Mbps; upstream is 768 Kbps.)

To use Zoom, subscribers must have an account with a local Internet service provider that supports the Zoom service.

Cincinnati Bell has set up a Zoom hotline, 513-565-ADSL where customers can determine if DSL service is available to their home or office. If so, Zoom service can be ordered at the same time. Cincinnati Bell's website,, will show customers geographically where service has been deployed.

About Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell is a full-service, integrated communications company that provides competitive local communications as well as data, Internet, entertainment, and directory services to communications customers in the Cincinnati, Ohio, metropolitan area and in several other Midwestern cities.

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