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Big Planet Joins Select Group of Cisco Powered Network Providers Through Rigorous Compliance

Big Planet is First Utah-Based Company to Achieve Cisco
Oct 28, 1998

Big Planet is First Utah-Based Company to Achieve Cisco Powered Network Status

PROVO, Utah -- October 28, 1998 -- Big Planet, Inc. announced today its advanced network received the designation as an authorized Cisco Powered Network. Big Planet is the 94th network in the world to receive this status from Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO). With over 10,000 service providers worldwide, Big Planet joins the select 1 percent of ISPs now authorized as members of the Cisco Powered Network program.

With a Cisco Powered Network, Big Planet offers its customers state-of-the-art, reliable services based on solutions from Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. In the Cisco Powered Network program, Big Planet will provide services based predominantly on Cisco equipment and software.

The relationship highlights both companies' focus on using intelligent broadband communications and Internet Protocol (IP) networking to deliver enhanced connectivity and network-based applications.

"Cisco shares our vision that the IP network is the foundation for delivering a diverse array of communications solutions, providing our customers with reliable, strategic competitive advantages," said Pat Davies, vice president of development and operations for Big Planet. "By working with a leader such as Cisco, we can bring advanced, differentiated and proven networking solutions to our customers."

"Through the relationship with Cisco, we are creating fault-tolerant, broadband connectivity to our Internet service," said Michael Anderson, vice president of products and services of Big Planet. "In the future, as we grow and expand our reach, Big Planet will rely on Cisco equipment and services to enhance our IP based network to switch our voice, video and data traffic."

Big Planet's end-to-end Cisco solution utilizes dial-up networking products for signup and nationwide access; local directory technology for load balancing across high-availability Web farms; and high-end routing and switching for core Internet services.

With a wide array of Internet-based services such as Internet access, electronic messaging, e-commerce applications, voice-over-IP, Web hosting, interactive multi-media training and real-time data sales information, Big Planet customers and representatives will benefit from optimal levels of reliability and security through a network that has achieved Cisco Powered Network status.

"Cisco's high-performance, reliable networking solutions enable Big Planet to offer consistent services," said Larry Lang, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Service Provider line of business. "Big Planet's relationship with Cisco will enable its customers to be confident that their service provider will deliver a high level of network interoperability and performance, as well as new, advanced and differentiated services."

Big Planet's participation in the Cisco Powered Network program - including the use of the Cisco Powered Network logo to brand its services and marketing support materials - demonstrates Big Planet's ability to provide innovative services and industry-leading technology solutions.

About Big Planet

Big Planet, a Provo, Utah-based InterNetworking company, is an innovative provider of communications and technology products and services for individuals and small businesses. InterNetworking is the next revolution in direct marketing, combining the power of one-to-one relationships with the emerging global Internet opportunity to improve the way we Learn, Communicate, Work, Shop and Play.

Through Big Planet's network of Independent Representatives, the company offers an array of integrated, high quality, technology products that combine new levels of customer value to capture key customer connections to the home and small office with services such as Internet access, dynamic web pages, voice/data communications, e-commerce, education and more.

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) is theworldwide leader in networking for the Internet.

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