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Symbol Technologies and Cisco Systems Team to Provide Complete Wireless Telephony Services

Integrated Voice and Data Solutions Demonstrated at Voice On
Sep 15, 1998

Integrated Voice and Data Solutions Demonstrated at Voice On the Net Show

San Jose, California -- September 15, 1998 -- Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: SBL) and Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) announced today a complete solution for providing end users with integrated wireless voice and data services.

The system is comprised of mobile computers and Symbol's NetVision wireless telephones operating over a Spectrum24 wireless LAN infrastructure connected to the Wide Area Network (WAN) via a voice-enabled Cisco 2600 or Cisco 3600 router or Cisco AS5300 access concentrator. The voice gateway provides a connection to the PBX or PSTN through standard telephone connections.

The NetVision phones, based on Voice-Over-IP technology, are presently installed in several end-user pilot test sites.

This solution is being demonstrated this week at's Voice On the Net (VON) conference held at the Ronald Reagan Convention Center in Washington D.C. from September 14 - 17. Attendees will be able to access the Internet from their laptop computers while making a phone call to any location in the world - all while roaming the show floor.

"We are pleased to be teaming with the leader in quality IP telephony solutions," said Dr Fred Heiman, Symbol's Executive Vice President. "Cisco's voice over IP products are designed to provide cost-effective solutions for IP telephony and build true multiservice network infrastructures."

"By teaming with Symbol, we are truly changing the way people work and live," said Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President for Service Provider Business Unit, Cisco Systems, Inc. "Home office users are no longer shackled by wires. They can enjoy the benefits of wireless LAN and voice applications."

"The combination of wireless voice and data from Symbol and IP telephony solutions from Cisco, provides a new high in the level of flexibility for the end-user," said Jeff Pulver, noted industry guru on VoIP technology and president of " The experience of Symbol in wireless local area networks and Cisco in wide area networking has made truly mobile Voice over IP a reality."

The entire system is based on open standards. Wireless communication operates under the IEEE 802.11 specification, with end-to-end transport covered by the TCP/IP protocol. Voice communications conforms to H.323, the ITU standard for real time multimedia teleconferencing over the Internet and corporate networks.

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Symbol Technologies Inc. is a global leader in mobile computing and communications systems with innovative customer solutions based on wireless local area networking, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture. Symbol's wireless LAN solutions are installed at more than 30,000 customer locations worldwide and support more than six million Symbol scanners and hand-held computers. Symbol provides point-of-activity computing solutions for retailing, transportation and distribution logistics, parcel and postal delivery, healthcare, manufacturing and other industries.


Founded in 1994 by Jeff Pulver,, Inc. isan Internet based consulting firm. publishes Internettechnology related research such as The Pulver Report. The Companyalso produces trades shows and conferences including Voice on the Net(VON). also provides consulting services to thetelecommunications and financial services industry. pulver.comis based in Melville, NY USA.

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