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Cisco Systems and HP Improve Web Quality of Service, Speed Web Site Access and Increase Completed On-line Transactions

Cisco and HP First to Deliver Dynamic, Intelligent Load Balancing between Servers and Network Infrastructure
Sep 14, 1998

SAN JOSE and PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Sept. 14, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Company today announced the Dynamic LocalDirector solution, an intelligent load-balancing solution designed to improve Web quality of service (QoS) through its ability to ensure consistent response times and optimize server usage for high-traffic Web sites.

The Dynamic LocalDirector (DLD) solution is an integration of Cisco LocalDirector and HP ServiceControl. The combined solution is aimed at addressing the growing need for consistent, high Web QoS and intelligent, content-aware networks. This development marks a significant collaboration between an industry-leading network solutions company and enterprise system provider to seamlessly integrate Web QoS technologies that help Internet businesses meet service-level requirements.

The DLD solution dynamically load balances Internet traffic between multiple HP-UX(1) servers in a 'server farm' based on feedback provided by HP ServiceControl. Servers and server applications deliver this feedback directly to the LocalDirector, creating a transparent, intelligent Web QoS solution. The DLD solution speeds end user access to server-based applications and hides the complexity of multiple servers, appearing as a single server or IP address. The new offering gives customers an integrated and manageable solution that adjusts load balancing based on feedback from servers about their ability to handle more capacity.

"The joint Cisco and HP solution is particularly useful for network commerce Web sites," said Steve Behm, vice president of Global Alliances, Cisco Systems. "Mission critical Web sites handling transactions and heavy hit rates require solutions that allow for load balancing and prevent server overload. This optimized solution can translate into higher availability and more completed transactions, increasing the business benefit of interacting with customers on-line."

"Today's announcement signifies a major step forward in HP and Cisco's long-term strategic relationship to improve Web QoS end-to-end," said Nigel Ball, general manager of HP's Internet and Applications Systems Division. "HP is committed to creating a Web expressway that ensures the highest level of service and satisfaction for businesses and their customers while conducting critical Internet transactions. Our mutual customers can look forward to future HP and Cisco solutions for enhanced Web QoS."

Consonus, Inc., an integrated e-business solutions provider that hosts e-commerce Web sites for companies such as Garden Botanika, Freightliner Corporation, G. Neil Companies and Ziff-Davis, is using the Dynamic LocalDirector solution to increase access to its customers' Web sites.

"For Consonus and our customers, the Dynamic LocalDirector solution increases Web Quality of Service, speeds Web site access and increases completed on-line customer transactions," said Darwin Melnyk, chief technology officer of Consonus, Inc. "The business impact and value are significant: more completed transactions and higher customer satisfaction."

"One of our primary competitive advantages is value and one way we keep our business costs low is through efficient Internet interactions with our customers," said George McKeefry, director of Information Services at Garden Botanika. "The Dynamic LocalDirector-based solution ensures high application and server availability for our customers allowing end users to access sites and complete transactions quickly."

The DLD joint development demonstrates a continuation of the strong relationship between Cisco and HP and the efforts of both companies to deliver solutions based on intelligence in the network and server-based technologies.


The Dynamic LocalDirector solution can be obtained by contacting HP.

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