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Pioneering New York Headquartered CLEC/ISP Deploys High-Availability, Carrier-Class Universal Access Server from Cisco Systems

Deal Extends Cisco's Internet Networking Solutions to the
Aug 13, 1998

Deal Extends Cisco's Internet Networking Solutions to the Emerging CLEC Market

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- August 13, 1998 -- Thorn Communications, LLC, aninnovative New York headquartered CLEC/ISP, has selected Cisco Systems'AS5800 carrier-class universal access server as the platform for deliveringreliable, scalable, customized solutions to the corporate clients itserves. The supply agreement with Thorn Communications furthers Cisco'scommitment to fulfill the specialized equipment and service needs of theemerging CLEC market.

The Cisco AS5800 allows Thorn Communications to provide its dial accesscustomers a high-availability, high-performance network while realizingsignificant cost savings. For example, the AS5800 makes it possible forThorn to implement an ISDN back-up solution that no longer requiresseparate routers and ISDN lines. As a result, Thorn CommunicationsPresident Anthony Spina said his company expects to realize a substantialreduction in the cost of its dedicated access service.

"The AS5800 provides a high-density dial access system that reduces networkcomplexity and costs, protects current investments, and allows flexibilityand scalability, without compromising performance," said Roland Acra,general manager for Cisco's remote access business unit. "As the newestcomponent of the Dial Access Stacking Architecture (DASA), the AS5800 can bestacked with other Cisco AS5800s, AS5300s or AS5200s to create resilient,flexible, high-performance, manageable and cost-optimized solutions for anysize dial pool.

"By supplying Thorn Communications and other forward-thinking CLECs withthe concentrating capabilities of the Cisco AS5800, we're expanding ourleadership into this growing end of the network provider space," said Acra.

The Cisco AS5800 is specifically designed to meet the demands of serviceproviders such as CLECs, ISPs, RBOCs, PTTs and IXCs. It is the latestentry into Cisco's award-winning AS5x00 and Access Path family of universalaccess servers, providing the highest concentration of modem and ISDNterminations in a single remote access concentrator product.

According to Spina, Thorn needed a server that is scalable in a channelizedDS3 scenario, covers the V.90 draft standard for 56 kbps connections overordinary phone lines, reduces the need for systems administration support,and is ISDN capable, using hybrid card solutions.

The Signaling System 7 (SS7) connection capabilities of the Cisco AS5800also factored into Thorn's decision because the company plans to deployvoice switches in the near future. "As we make our entry into the data/CLECarena, we want to be able to take advantage of the reduced operating costsand voice network switch congestion relief made possible with SS7interfaces," said Spina.

"Above all, we turned to Cisco because they offer high quality, solidreliability, excellent support, and products that are highly scalable. And,since Cisco offers end-to-end solutions, adding the AS5800 to our primarilyCisco backbone gives us a more seamlessly-integrated network product," saidSpina. Thorn's backbone network also includes Cisco's AS5300 universalaccess servers, Cisco 7000, 7200, 7500 and 2500 routers, as well as CiscoCatalyst. 5000 switches.

In addition to improving the quality of its remote access services andreducing network costs, the deployment of the Cisco AS5800 has allowedThorn to achieve tighter usage monitoring by using advanced radiusaccounting and authentication services. It also has enabled Thorn toeliminate unnecessary analog lines in its network.

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Headquartered in New York City, Thorn Communications, LLC is an innovativeISP and CLEC specializing in equipping businesses with high-capacitycommunications facilities, leased-line connections, Wide Area Networks,interactive e-Commerce Web sites, and complete network solutions.

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