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Cisco Announces VPN Solutions for Service Providers to Deliver New World Services

New Technology Enabling Access VPNs Now Available More
Aug 17, 1998

New Technology Enabling Access VPNs Now Available

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- August 17, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today introduced comprehensive solutions designed to enable service providers to deliver Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and announced the availability of Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) within Cisco IOS. software for Access VPNs.

Cisco's solutions enable service providers to deliver Access VPNs, Intranet VPNs and Extranet VPNs through the broadest set of architectures in the industry and the end-to-end application functionality of Cisco IOS software.

With the availability of L2TP, Cisco now offers service providers the ability to deliver secure and prioritized VPNs to customers who require communications with mobile users, telecommuters and small, remote offices over dial, ISDN, DSL, cable and wireless technologies. L2TP is a standards-based networking protocol that combined Cisco's Layer 2 Forwarding (L2F) protocol and Microsoft's Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP).

When used in conjunction with IPSec, L2TP enables service providers to establish secure "tunnels" that connect customers across the service provider's shared network or the Internet. Cisco provides the most scalable implementation of L2TP by enabling load sharing and back-up within a site or multiple sites.

By partnering with business customers to deliver VPN services, service providers can differentiate their services, generate new revenue streams and improve customer loyalty. Cisco's VPN solutions allow service providers to offer their customers a service that reduces network management costs, simplifies Wide-Area Network (WAN) operations and allows them to focus on core competencies.

Cisco's VPN solutions enable service providers to deliver intelligent services based on the same set of policies deployed in thousands of private networks around the globe. Cisco IOS software provides service providers with the capability to link their quality of service (QoS) and class-of-service mechanisms with the CiscoAssure policies deployed in enterprise networks.

Access VPNs provide remote access over a shared infrastructure with the same policies as a private network and reduce costs by eliminating long-distance charges. With Cisco's Access VPN solution, service providers can apply Cisco's comprehensive QoS and class-of-service mechanisms to create differentiated service levels and price points.

"With the availability of L2TP, our corporate customers can now securely access their networks using a standards-based technology while taking advantage of the Internet to deliver worldwide traffic cost effectively," said Dennis Brouwer, vice president, product marketing, WorldCom Advanced Networks - formerly CompuServe Network Services. "The emerging migration to the Internet for business-critical applications will be accelerated through the availability of L2TP."

Cisco offers service providers solutions to build "new world" service delivery platforms that are secure, reliable and offer customers the quality of service they require for business applications. New World services are those that are customer oriented, network enabled and allow customers to experience the full competitive advantage of the Internet.

"Business customers are looking for service providers to deliver services that have the same policies as their private networks," said Larry Lang, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Service Provider Line of Business. "Cisco's strategy is to deliver simple, complete solutions for service providers to provision, bill and manage differentiated services."

Cisco's product line breadth enables service providers to also offer Intranet and Extranet VPNs. Intranet VPNs are services that link remote sites over a shared infrastructure with the same policies as a shared network. Extranet VPNs extend the reach of an intranet to also include external parties, such as suppliers, customers and partners.

"The ability to deliver full-featured VPNs across a broad range of architectures is very compelling," said Lawrence Dietz, principal analyst at Current Analysis, a technology research firm based in Sterling, Va. "Service providers require flexible solutions that allow them to offer needed, yet profitable, services to their clients. Security is becoming an important 'must-have' requirement for many large end-user organizations. Service providers and end users will gravitate to solutions that meet their network requirements and their security needs as well."

L2TP Availability

IPSec has been available in Cisco IOS software since April of this year. As of today, Cisco is shipping L2TP as an extension of Cisco IOS software.

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