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Singapore Telecom Deploys Nationwide Commercial Multiservice Network

Cisco ATM Solutions Deliver Advanced Services to Business
Jul 27, 1998

Cisco ATM Solutions Deliver Advanced Services to Business Customers in Asia

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 27, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that Singapore Telecom (SingTel), a leading Asian telecommunications service provider, is using Cisco Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) solutions to build Singapore's first commercially available multiservice network.

With the construction of this advanced network, SingTel establishes itself as one of the first "new world" carriers in the Asian marketplace. New world infrastructures enable carriers such as SingTel to deliver next-generation and legacy services over the same network without having to invest in traditional circuit-based technology.

Demand for next-generation data services, such as managed extranets and virtual private networks (VPNs), will exceed legacy services during the coming months. With deployment of an advanced network, SingTel is uniquely positioned to deliver these new value-added services to large companies, multinational corporations and regional hubs through out Asia.

"As one of the world's leading telecommunications service providers, Singapore Telecom is committed to delivering sophisticated, innovative services to our corporate users," said Wong Soon Nam, SingTel's director of Business Networks. "We are pleased to have worked together with Cisco Systems, a leading internetworking and telecommunications vendor, to deliver leading-edge ATM services to our customers."

SingTel is building the advanced ATM backbone using BPX. 8600 series wide-area switches, that will deliver enhanced services such as Frame Relay, IP and video services. Cisco's solutions enable SingTel to deliver all of these services and voice across a single multiservice network that lowers customer's telecommunications costs. ATM technology optimizes networks by enabling bandwidth to be shared dynamically among many users for multiple applications over a single integrated platform.

"Singapore Telecom's choice of Cisco BPX 8600 series switches reinforces our position as a leading vendor of advanced telecommunications solutions," said Todd Abbott, Managing Director of Cisco Systems, South Asia. "SingTel is making a major commitment to bringing advanced network services to business users and partnering with Cisco will accelerate the time-to-market for these services as well as increase the quality and range of services available to customers. Our internetworking experience and leadership in IP networking differentiate Cisco as a telecommunications vendor."

Cisco designed the BPX 8600 series wide-area switch to deliver IP+ATM services with up to 19.2 Gbps switching capacity. With the integration of Cisco IOS. software, the BPX 8600 switch is the first carrier-class ATM switch to deliver IP services through Tag Switching. Tag Switching represents the industry's first end-to-end implementation of MPLS, giving service providers the privacy characteristics and quality-of-service (QoS) benefits of ATM and the universal connectivity of IP. Cisco's IP+ATM solutions, delivered through the combination of Cisco IOS software and Tag Switching, enable SingTel to operate as a peer network with the installed base of Cisco enterprise IP networks.

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