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Cisco IOS for S/390 Software Version 2.0 Offers Industry-Leading Performance, High Availability and Scalability

Latest Release of Cisco IOS for S/390 Provides Twice the
Jul 28, 1998

Latest Release of Cisco IOS for S/390 Provides Twice the Performance, Utilizes Fewer CPU Cycles

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- July 28, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the availability of Cisco IOS. for S/390 software Version 2, a mainframe-based implementation of TCP/IP. The new version offers the highest level of performance in the industry for File Transfer Protocol (FTP), high availability, greater scalability for TN3270 sessions and improved print functions.

Industry-Leading Performance for File Transfer

Cisco IOS for S/390 is a leading technology that enables enterprises to migrate from more expensive and less efficient methods for accessing mainframe data, such as Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC) lines and 3270 presentation services. This new software supports the growing number of users who rely on FTP to exchange files between the mainframe and UNIX systems or PCs. It offers up to 13.5 megabytes per second throughput, the highest level of performance available for FTP file transfer, while using 30 percent fewer mainframe resources than competing solutions. As a result, Version 2 will enable users to easily complete nightly production file transfers and delay costly CPU upgrades.

Cisco IOS for S/390 Version 2 runs an enhanced channel protocol supported by the TCP Assist feature available on the Channel Interface Processor (CIP) and the Channel Port Adapter (CPA) that supports 64-kilobyte blocks. This support increases data throughput and reduces channel input/output (I/O) overhead. In addition, Cisco IOS for S/390 offloads CPU-intensive portions of the TCP stack to the CIP or CPA, saving CPU cycles. It also has the ability to reroute around channel gateway failures. Cisco is also releasing an FTP-only version of Cisco IOS for S/390 for customers who want the advantages of Version 2 file transfer capabilities.

High Availability for All Types of Data Traffic

Cisco IOS for S/390 works cooperatively with Cisco IOS software services to provide high availability. Version 2 sets IP precedence for outbound traffic leveraging Cisco IOS quality of service (QoS) facilities, improving end-to-end response time for mission-critical traffic. Cisco IOS for S/390 also automatically and transparently reroutes user sessions if a controller, network router or router link fails. And with support for Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), sessions are maintained in the event of a network outage.

TN3270 Scalability

Cisco IOS for S/390 Version 2 is highly scalable, supporting up to 25,000 TN3270 sessions per address space. Enabling TN3270 access to the mainframe reduces desktop costs and simplifies the network infrastructure by implementing a single protocol desktop and backbone. Users can gain faster response times through reduced network overhead and high-speed mainframe access.

Flexible, High-Performance Print Options

Cisco IOS for S/390 Version 2 enables MVS users to send print data, including Customer Information Control system (CICS) and Information Management Systems (IMS) mainframe applications, to TCP/IP network printers. Conversely, network users can also send print files to Cisco IOS for S/390 for printing on local mainframe printers.

"Enterprises are beginning to recognize the security and operational advantages of using the mainframe as a Web server," said Don Czubek, president of Gen2 Ventures. "Having an IP stack on the mainframe, such as Cisco IOS for S/390, is an efficient means of accessing critical mainframe data. It's a worthwhile investment where high availability and fast response times are required for business operations."


Cisco IOS for S/390 Release 2.0 and Cisco IOS for S/390-HPFT, the file transfer-only version, will be available in August 1998.

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