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Electric Lightwave Announces Remote NetConnect Service for High-Speed Internet Access and Remote Networking

Capital investment in expensive hardware and maintenance costs are eliminated for ISPs and Fortune 500 companies that need to increase Internet and Intranet access
May 19, 1998

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- May 19, 1998 -- Electric Lightwave. Inc. (NASDAQ: ELIX), an integrated communications provider, today introduced Remote NetConnect, a new high-speed Internet and intranet networking service for businesses. Remote NetConnect is a cost-effective bandwidth and hardware solution for Internet service providers (ISPs) and Fortune 500 companies to expand their Internet and intranet access services capabilities.

Remote NetConnect allows customers to access Electric Lightwave's network of high-speed modem servers and established national Internet backbone, without having to build an entire network from the ground up.

Remote NetConnect is designed for ISPs who want to expand into new regional markets, and Fortune 500 companies who need to provide employees with fast remote access to their corporate networks. Initially to be offered in nine markets, Electric Lightwave's Remote NetConnect will be available to ISPs beginning June 1, and to Fortune 500 companies beginning July 1. The following markets will have Remote NetConnect available by July 31: Phoenix, Ariz.; Portland, Ore.;Seattle, Wash.; Boise, Idaho; Sacramento, Calif.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Los Angeles, Calif; San Francisco, Calif; and Spokane, Wash.; with nationwide availability by year-end.

Increases ISP bandwidth and speed without high capital investment

ISPs can cost-effectively expand into new geographic markets by taking advantage of Electric Lightwave's network to provide Internet access with increased bandwidth for customers in different market areas. For example, an ISP based in Seattle, Wash., can offer service to customersin Chicago, Ill., without having a physical presence there, simply by using Electric Lightwave's Remote NetConnect national network of modem servers and national Internet backbone. Modem servers are hosted and maintained by Electric Lightwave, so there is no capital investment infacilities or hardware when expanding Internet service into a new regional market.

"By effectively eliminating the need for physical presence and expensive capital investments in hardware and maintenance costs, our Remote NetConnect service essentially removes the physical barriers and associated costs-to-entry for ISPs moving into new regional markets,"said Dave Fowler, Electric Lightwave data product manager.

Enables high-speed remote access for businesses

Business customers with telecommuting and mobile employees can use the Remote NetConnect service for fast access to their corporate local area network (LAN) without increasing capital expenditures.

"Remote NetConnect is the first step into making universal Internet and intranet access a reality for corporations," said Fowler. "With Remote NetConnect, business customers have a comprehensive packaged solution that gives them access to the latest modem technology and networkmanagement services at a competitive price."

Utilizes Cisco Systems' universal access servers

For Remote NetConnect, Electric Lightwave selected Cisco AS5300 universal access servers because of the extensive feature sets, high modem throughput and ease of network management via their Cisco IOS software," said Todd Hanson, Electric Lightwave's vice president of engineering.

Initially, Electric Lightwave will purchase 18 Cisco AS5300 universal access servers to install in its first nine markets, with a planned expansion nationwide.

"Electric Lightwave's Remote NetConnect is an excellent example of how service providers will succeed in the future," said Larry Lang, vice president of marketing for Cisco's service provider line of business. "Cisco is providing companies like Electric Lightwave with server solutions they can deploy now, with a platform that allows for the development of intelligent networking services in the future."

About Electric Lightwave, Inc.

Based in Vancouver, Wash., Electric Lightwave, Inc. (NASDAQ: ELIX) is a full-service integrated communications services provider offering local and long distance telephone service, videoconferencing, prepaid services, data and Internet access services to business customersthroughout the western United States. The company recently ranked third in the nation for "Best Internet Value" by Boardwatch Magazine.

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