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Dell, Cisco and US West Announce Collaboration to Provide Ultra-Fast ADSL Internet Access on Dell Dimension PCs

Joint Technology Collaboration Developed to Speed Internet Access by as much as 125 Times Faster than 56K Modems
May 06, 1998

LAS VEGAS, NV -- May 6, 1998 -- Dell Computer Corporation, Cisco Systems, Inc.,. and U S WEST Communications. today announced they have formed an industry-leading initiative to enable customers to purchase built-to-order desktop PCs with easy-to-use, ultra-fast ADSL modems that provide Internet access at speeds up to 125 times faster than todayms 56K traditional modems, all over existing phone lines.

Dell., the world's leading direct computer systems company, joined Cisco and U S WEST in the announcement at the Networld + Interop trade show. Dell plans to offer the high-speed Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) capability with Cisco ADSL modems on select Dell Dimension XPS desktop personal computers this year, allowing many U S WEST customers to receive voice and data services through a single phone line and maintain an "always on" digital connection to the Internet.

Earlier this week, U S WEST announced that it is turning on its MegaBit Services ADSL in more than 20 cities in May, including Denver, Phoenix and Salt Lake City, where the service is available this week. U S WEST plans to offer the service in more than 40 cities in its 14-state region by mid-year with a range of options that begin at $40 a month for both residential and business customers.

"High-bandwidth, high-speed access to the Internet is a high priority at Dell and a natural fit for Dell Dimension customers who traditionally want more technology, not less," said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO. "Eliminate the bottleneck to the Internet and you facilitate an increase in the use of e-mail and access to richer and larger content files - essentially opening up a whole new world of computing."

Dell Dimension XPS is the company's award-winning line of desktop PCs for home and small business customers. The build-to-order PCs have led the industry in a number of technology developments, including the rapid transition to Intel. Pentium. II processors.

"This is an industry first in bringing customers lightning fast and integrated Internet access through both their personal computers and their phone lines," said Solomon D. Trujillo, president and CEO of U S WEST Communications. "This initiative brings together three industry leaders to provide affordable, easy-to-use technology that lets a wide range of new customers enjoy the benefits and bandwidth of high-speed networking and computing."

Cisco's ADSL modems enable PC users to receive voice and data services through a single phone line connected to a PC at much faster speeds - up to 7 megabits, or nearly 125 times faster than standard 56k modems, according to U S WEST Communications. When combined with service offerings from U S WEST, the modem will enable customers to maintain an "always-on" digital connection to the Internet, or other data networks, over a dedicated unused portion of an existing phone line - without any dial-up required. Customers can open their Internet browser software to make or receive phone calls over the same line while simultaneously accessing the Internet.

The joint effort between U S WEST, Dell and Cisco complements Cisco's strategy for deploying comprehensive, end-to-end, broadband networking solutions. Cisco is a leading provider of service provider infrastructure and access solutions and has a strategic relationship with U S WEST to provide advanced solutions to power U S WEST's next-generation national network infrastructure.

"The high-speed Internet access made available through U S WEST's pioneering ADSL service makes dramatically obvious the power of the Internet to change how people work, live, play and learn," said John Chambers, president and CEO of Cisco Systems. "Dell's ADSL-ready PCs will encourage more people to benefit from the Internet revolution."

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