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Cisco Expands DSL Customer Premise Equipment Solutions

Offers Full Spectrum of Products for Branch Office, Small/Medium Business, SOHO, Telecommuter and Consumer Markets Worldwide
May 26, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. - May 26, 1998 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced four additions to its DSL Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) solution set for service providers, making it the broadest CPE portfolio in the DSL marketplace. The new CPE products include the Cisco 626 ATM25 ADSL Modem, the Cisco 676 SOHO/Telecommuter Router, the Cisco 1401 Small Office ATM25 Router and the Cisco 3600 ATM25 Network Module.

The Cisco CPE product line enables service providers to deliver cost-effective DSL solutions targeted at every category of end-user, including branch office, small/medium business, SOHO, telecommuter and consumer markets. The products in Cisco's DSL CPE line offer scalable data rates from as low as 32 kbps up to 8.1 Mbps.

Cisco 626 ATM25 ADSL Modem

The Cisco 626 is a highly integrated, stand-alone, ATM25 to RADSL DMT modem. It addresses the consumer, small office and branch office markets, providing DSL services to either a single user or multiple users. The Cisco 626 ATM 25 interface is used to interconnect to other PPP-over-ATM products such as the Cisco 1401 and the Cisco 3600 series (see below for information on these two products), as well as directly to adapter cards for personal computers. The Cisco 626 delivers ATM connectivity using a plug-and-play design.

Cisco 676 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router

The Cisco 676 is an integrated, high-performance, low-cost router and RADSL DMT modem that addresses both the small office/home office (SOHO) and telecommuter markets. It connects to a user's network via a 10/100Base-T port. The Cisco 676 provides high-speed, dedicated Internet and data services coupled with the robustness and security offered by a Layer 2 / Layer 3 system that supports PPP-over-ATM and bridging service implementations.

Cisco 1401 Small Business ATM25 Router

The Cisco 1401 is a high-performance, full-featured Ethernet to ATM25 router that addresses the small business and small branch office market for DSL WAN connectivity. It provides ADSL connectivity via an external ATM25 ADSL modem, such as the Cisco 626. The Cisco 1401 is a multiprotocol router that allows service providers to offer managed services such as advanced security, application-layer dynamic firewall, secure virtual private network (VPN) and quality of service (QoS) for high-performance applications.

Cisco 3600 Series ATM25 Network Module

The Cisco 3600 series with the new ATM25 network module complements the current range of more than 40 interfaces now available for the 3600 series. It offers high-performance, multiservice access for enterprise branch offices and service provider managed services. With the 25.6 Mbps ATM network module, branch office managers can leverage lower-tarriffed, dedicated high-speed ADSL services and preserve their existing equipment investments. Key applications enabled by the Cisco 3600 series include Internet and intranet access, voice over data, videoconferencing, video surveillance, distance learning and video broadcast applications.

Other Cisco CPE Products

The new products announced today complement the RADSL-CAP based Cisco 605 Personal PCI ADSL Modem and the Cisco 675 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router announced earlier this month. They also complement the IDSL-compatible equipment that interconnects to the Cisco 90i IDSL Channel Unit, including the Cisco 762, 766, 772, 776, 1004, 1604 products for the telecommuter and branch office markets.

Cisco's CPE Products Enable Service Providers to Increase Profitability

Cisco's CPE products work in combination with the rest of Cisco's leadership DSL architecture to enable service providers worldwide to profitably offer high-bandwidth access over existing phone lines to multiple markets. Other products in the Cisco DSL portfolio include the Cisco 6100 series and Cisco 6200 series Advanced DSL Access Multiplexers, the Cisco 90i Channel Unit, the Cisco 6400 series Universal Access Concentrator, the 6510 Service Selection Gateway and Dashboard, and the Cisco User Control Point (see separate releases dated May 26, 1998).

With their "no truck roll" technology and the leading low price of $249 for an end-user access modem, Cisco enables service providers worldwide to deliver lower-priced, "always-on," high-bandwidth services to their customers.

Pricing and Availability

The Cisco 626 ATM25 ADSL Modem and Cisco 676 SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Routerwill be available in October 1998, with pricing to be announced. The Cisco1401 Small Business ATM25 Router will be available for field trials inSeptember 1998. List pricing for the Cisco 1401 starts at $1,395.

The Cisco 3600 series ATM25 Network Module is available now, with a listprice of $2,200. The Cisco 605 Personal PCI ADSL Modem and 675SOHO/Telecommuter ADSL Router are also shipping now in volume with listprices of $249 and $499, respectively.

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