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Cisco Announces New, Cost-Effective, Enterprise Gateway

Cisco 7202 Enables High Performance and Differentiated Services
May 27, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- May 27, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the Cisco 7202, a cost-effective, two-slot version of the Cisco 7200 multifunction platform that provides the high-performance Layer 3 services and high-speed media required for enterprise gateway and service provider customer premises equipment (CPE) applications.

The Cisco 7202 leverages existing Cisco 7200 components including port adapters, network processing engines and input/output controllers, and delivers the same level of high availability, serviceability and manageability as the Cisco 7204 and 7206 platforms.

"Traditional CPE platforms are limited in both performance and selection of WAN interfaces," said Walt Blomquist, product marketing manager for Cisco's Routed WAN Business Unit. "As enterprise networks drive the need for more bandwidth, service providers now require a new-generation CPE device that delivers the performance and interfaces previously available only on backbone devices, while at the same time supporting service-enabling technologies such as quality of service. The Cisco 7202 was created to meet these needs at a CPE price point."

High Performance for Differentiated Services

The Cisco 7202 delivers a unique combination of low-price, high-end performance and a rich set of Layer 3 features delivered by Cisco IOS. software. This combination of price and performance offers service providers and enterprise customers a cost-effective platform that supports differentiated CPE services like high-speed LAN interconnect, virtual private networks (VPNs) and Internet access, and provides more control over WAN resources.

Through support for quality-of-service (QoS) capabilities such as committed access rate (CAR), and future support for advanced high-performance queuing and congestion management features such as weighted fair queuing (WFQ) and weighted random early detection (WRED), the Cisco 7202 gives service providers increased revenue opportunities to flexibly provision granular bandwidth and services and offer unique pricing structures. Enterprise customers can deploy the Cisco 7202 as an enterprise gateway and use QoS technologies to reduce operational costs through improved management of expensive WAN resources. In addition, NetFlow accounting - a Cisco IOS software feature - provides both service provider and enterprise customers with flexible and detailed traffic accounting to provide the data required for billing and charge-back applications, proactive network monitoring and network planning. Future support for Cisco IOS-based compression and encryption will provide even higher levels of traffic management.

The Cisco 7202 also supports high-speed WAN media such as Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) OC-3 with traffic shaping and serial T3 with an integrated data service unit (DSU). These media allow customers to provision granular bandwidth up to 155 Mbps and provide additional cost savings by eliminating external DSUs.

"We face growing demand from our customers for cost-effective, broadbandInternet access services daily," said Jukka Leinonen, senior vice president at Sonera Corporation, formerly Telecom Finland. "The Cisco 7202 gives us a high-performance platform that not only meets these demands, but is capable of supporting flexible service levels based on bandwidth and quality-of-service. We can now provide our Frame Relay customers with a smooth upgrade path to ATM without the tariff burden of unused capacity."

Cost Effective

The Cisco 7202 comes in three different bundles to meet the specific requirements of service provider and enterprise customers. The bundles are differentiated by a WAN port adapter and include either an OC-3 Multimode-enhanced ATM WAN port adapter, an OC-3 single-mode enhanced ATM WAN port adapter or a serial T3 port adapter with an integrated DSU. Combined with the Cisco 7202, these interfaces provide a cost-effective entry price for high-speed ATM and serial T3 services that support wire-rate connectivity and flexible applications over various network architectures.

As part of the Cisco 7200 series, service providers and enterprise customers can easily upgrade from the Cisco 7202 to a higher-density platform, guaranteeing investment protection and providing increased revenue and cost-saving opportunities through multifunction integration. For example, a customer can upgrade to a Cisco 7204 or 7206 multifunction platform and take advantage of additional capabilities such as integrated Layer 2 switching, IBM channel connectivity and multiservice (voice/video/data) support.


The Cisco 7202 will be available in late May.

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