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U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking Praises Cisco's Acquisition of NetSpeed

Integration of Two Strategic Partners to Strengthen U S WEST's National Data Strategy, DSL Rollout
Mar 10, 1998

DENVER, Co -- Tuesday, March 10, 1998 -- U S WEST !NTERPRISE Networking today applauded Cisco Systemsannouncement that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquireNetSpeed, Inc., noting that the acquisition will enable U S WEST tofurther strengthen its national data strategy by allowing it to jointlydevelop IP-centric applications and increase its DSL services speed tomarket.

In January 1998, U S WEST announced its strategic partnership with Ciscoto provide advanced ATM switching and other capabilities to power U SWEST's next-generation national data network. U S WEST also announcedin January that it would use NetSpeed central office and modem equipmentas part of its MegaBit Services ADSL offering in more than 40 citiesthroughout its 14-state region (view the release on-line at

'Ciscos plan to acquire NetSpeed will enable U S WEST to accelerate thedeployment of DSL services,' said Joe Zell, president, U S WEST!NTERPRISE Networking. 'Clearly, NetSpeed will benefit from having acompany with the manufacturing and operational strength of Cisco behindit, which in turn will help it to meet the enormous demand we areanticipating from our MegaBit DSL service.'

As part of its previously announced strategic relationship, Cisco and US WEST will also jointly develop new network-enabled services such asInternet Protocol (IP) telephony, fax and multimedia applications for arange of national business customers. Now, Cisco will be able to offera complete end-to-end DSL solution to connect customers to theseapplications on U S WESTs national network at speeds up to 7 Mbps.

'As strategic partners, U S WEST and Cisco have worked together on manyfronts to bring advanced services to market,' said Kevin Kennedy, vicepresident and general manager of Ciscos Network-to-User business unit.'Our acquisition of NetSpeed and further entry into the DSL market willenable us to work even closer with U S WEST.'

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