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PPI Deploys Cisco 2600 Series To Unify Corporate Training Center Network

PPI Leverages Data/Voice/Video Integration Features to Minimize Branch Office Costs
Mar 23, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- March 23, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announcedthat Productivity Point International (PPI), the nation's largest privately-held technology learning company, will deploy the Cisco 2600 series modular access router throughout its training center network.

PPI is the largest Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Center channel in the U.S. and certifies engineers on a wide variety of technologies. PPI specializes in developing and delivering enterprise-wide technology learning solutions. PPI has 130 sites in North America and affiliates in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim. To link its many offices, PPI has standardized on Cisco dial access systems, including the Cisco 3640 for its data center; the 3620 for regional offices; and the 2600 for remote branch offices.

Cisco 2600: Flexibility for Remote Branch Offices

The Cisco 2600 series offers unprecedented price/performance in its application arena, providing a broad range of leading-edge networking services to enterprise remote branch offices, small to mid-sized offices, and customer premise equipment for service providers (see separate release "Cisco Announces Cisco 2600 Series Modular Access Router").

Modular in design, the Cisco 2600 series provides investment protection by enabling migration to emerging WAN technologies and supporting data/voice/video integration, departmental dial concentration and secure extranet access in a single device.

"The Cisco 2600 is an ideal fit for our remote branch offices, which serve administrative personnel and instructional classroom facilities," said Rob Morton, director of IS WAN operations and Internet access, Productivity Point International. "By providing extensive multiservice capabilities, and support for a variety of WAN connectivity options, the Cisco 2600 protects against system downtime in the branch.

"The voice capability is extremely high quality and will enable us to network our PBXs over our Frame Relay network to further reduce operating costs," Morton added. "We're also looking forward to deploying packet video, which will become increasingly important as we introduce new delivery methodologies, such as distance learning, to our customer base."

"We've designed the 2600 to be the ideal fit in remote branch office applications such as PPI's," said Don Proctor, Cisco product line manager. "Companies such as PPI need support for VPN access, data/voice/video traffic and sophisticated network protocols between main and branch offices in a cost-effective, high-performance router."

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