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Union Pacific Makes Tracks into Advanced Networking Capability

Cisco Solutions Preferred as Network Grows in Size and Capability
Feb 26, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- February 26, 1998 -- Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), a subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation, today announced it is expanding its multiservice wide-area network with additional BPX. and IGX® Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches from Cisco Systems, Inc. to enhance the management and control of its trains and railroad operations through multiservice application deployment.

Under the contract, UUPR added 15 BPX switches with AXIS shelves and 12 IGX switches to its existing network of Cisco IGX®, IPX® switches. Union Pacific's ATM backbone operates at DS3 (45 Mbps) speeds, with the potential to increase to OC-3 (155 Mbps). The additional switches will enhance the scale and capacity of UPRR's network to accommodate the growth in the voice and data traffic with its continued expansion and acquisition of Southern Pacific Railroad.

"Our network runs our entire business including all our mission critical traffic such as train scheduling, track and route monitoring, and we therefore needed the most reliable solution available," said Tom Burns, network architect for Union Pacific. "Cisco has provided us with a cost-effective networking solution to acquire the latest ATM technology and build it right onto our existing network. Our migration to a larger, more advanced network was graceful and easy to manage because of the solutions Cisco brought to the table."

The Cisco BPX is a standards-based ATM switch that allows broadband connectivity to deploy multimedia and voice/data applications across the network. The AXIS shelf, when attached to the BPX switch, allows narrowband Frame Relay and voice connectivity across the ATM network. The Cisco IGX is a multiservice, wide-area, multiband switch that facilitates voice-data integration, multimedia and video deployment in the enterprise environment.

"The BPX and IGX switches are providing companies like Union Pacific the advantages of the latest networking technology while giving them a solution that is completely compatible with its existing network," said Joe Golden, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Wide-Area Network (WAN) business unit. "As Union Pacific expands its network in size and capability our multiservice ATM switches will provide the perfect vehicle to introduce advanced networking features, such as Tag Switching and multimedia application deployment."

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