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PeopleSoft Brings Latest Voice Technology to Internal Data Network

New Modules for the Cisco IGX Switch Tested for Overseas Deployment
Jan 27, 1998

ComNet '98, Washington, D.C. -- January 27, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc., the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, today announced that PeopleSoft, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise application software, is conducting field trials on new voice modules for Cisco IGX multiservice, wide-area, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switch for deployment to offices worldwide.

PeopleSoft is testing the new modules between various sites throughout its corporate headquarters campus in Pleasanton, Calif. The software developer plans to deploy the Cisco IGX switches equipped with these modules to its offices worldwide at the conclusion of this evaluation.

"PeopleSoft pursues the latest technology to enhance its internal network performance and to exploit new capabilities that can provide network operational cost savings," said Stan Christensen, senior network engineer for PeopleSoft. "These new modules bring us tremendous savings in bandwidth and allow us to use the saved bandwidth for our data applications. Cisco switches provide us the with the traffic management capabilities in an area where we previously didn't have this much control."

The Cisco IGX Multiservice ATM Switch and Universal Voice Module (UVM)

The Cisco IGX multiservice, wide-area, multiband switch facilitates voice/data integration, multimedia and video deployment in the enterprise environment. The UVM voice modules compress voice signals at one-half to one-eighth the uncompressed rate. This feature enables substantial bandwidth and cost savings across the enterprise and seamless PBX dialing between sites.

"Cisco is committed to delivering advanced networking solutions that customers can deploy now," said Joe Golden, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Wide Area Network (WAN) business unit. "PeopleSoft is an early adapter of the latest networking technologies, and realizes the competitive advantage this can bring to an organization."

PeopleSoft Builds Extensive WAN Capability with Cisco Switches

Since its inception in 1987, PeopleSoft has grown to over $700 million in annual revenues and needed an internetworking solution that could connect over 4,000 employees in 14 countries. PeopleSoft selected Cisco ATM switches to build its WAN capability to meet its ever-increasing demand to interconnect offices over a large geographical area. The software developer has deployed the Cisco BPX. switch to construct its ATM backbone. The Cisco BPX switch is a powerful broadband, carrier-class ATM switch designed to meet the demanding, high-traffic needs of public service providers or large private enterprises.

To bring ATM to the edge of its network, PeopleSoft is deploying the Cisco IGX multiservice switch to its various campus sites and plans additional deployment of the switch to worldwide branch offices at the conclusion of the test.

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