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Cisco Networks Small Businesses; Announces Cisco Networked Office Stack

New Small Business Solutions Deliver Secure Internet Access, Flexibility and Integration
Jan 21, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- January 21, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the Cisco Networked Office stack, a complete networking solution for small and growing businesses and branch offices. This new suite of stackable desktop products and software is affordably priced and delivers secure Internet access, high-performance local-area networking, plug-and-play Web-hosting and flexible remote access.

The Cisco Networked Office stack has been specifically designed to complement the Cisco 1600 series routers and 1500 series Ethernet Micro Hubs. Three new stack components include the Cisco 1548 Micro Switch 10/100, the Cisco 1528 Micro Hub 10/100 and the Cisco Micro Webserver 200 .

The stack solution ensures secure Internet access via the Cisco IOS Firewall Feature Set supported on the Cisco 1600 series or via the Cisco Centri Firewall for Windows NT environments, now available in a 50-user configuration for smaller businesses.

For easy installation and simple network configuration, each component of the stack includes color-matched ports and cabling and is fully supported by the latest version of Cisco ConfigMaker.

"The Internet represents the next logical step in the growth of our auto accessory business. Cisco's small business solutions will make this transition smooth and affordable," said William J. Weiner, president of Campbell, California-based Precision Auto Designs. "The Cisco Networked Office stack will enable us to host and manage our own internal Web site to reach new customers, launch new products and in the future, safely conduct business over the World Wide Web."

Compact Autosensing Switch

The Cisco 1548 Micro Switch 10/100 is a high-performance autosensing Fast Ethernet switch for creating high-performance local-area networks (LANs) in small business, branch office and small workgroup environments. The Micro Switch delivers up to 80 times the bandwidth of a standard Ethernet hub and supports full-duplex operation across all eight ports to eliminate network bottlenecks between workgroups, end stations and servers. For simple deployment in mixed environments and complete 10/100 interoperability with Ethernet and Fast Ethernet devices, each port on the switch automatically detects and configures the speed and duplex mode of each port on the switch. The switch can also be deployed as the LAN backbone in larger office networks, aggregating other devices such as the Cisco 1528 Micro Hub 10/100.

Compact Autosensing Hub

The Cisco 1528 Micro Hub is a new affordably priced compact 10/100 autosensing Fast Ethernet hub, that is simple to install and maintain. This compact hub offers up to ten times the bandwidth of a standard Ethernet hub making it ideal for small offices and small workgroups that want to future-proof their networks in anticipation of network-intensive applications and the migration to Fast Ethernet. A single Cisco Micro Hub 1528 with eight autosensing 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports can create a high-performance LAN with up to eight user PCs, printers, servers and other devices at either Ethernet or Fast Ethernet speeds.

Plug-and-Play Web Hosting

The Cisco Micro Webserver 200 is a dedicated Web hosting appliance designed to cost-effectively meet the needs of growing businesses and branch offices. It provides an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that enables easy installation and management of an intranet or Internet Web site. As Web site content grows, the Micro Webserver scales from a 2.1-GB internal hard drive through support for as many as six external storage devices. With support for the industry standard common gateway interface (CGI) information is easily collected from Web site visitors.

Flexible Connectivity

The modular Cisco 1600 series routers comprise the WAN component of the stack solution, connecting small businesses and branch offices with Ethernet LANs to wide-area networks (WANs) through Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), asynchronous serial and synchronous serial connections. Its modular design and multiple WAN interface card options enable businesses to select appropriate and affordable WAN technologies, migrate to emerging technologies and preserve initial capital investments.

Secure Internet Access

Cisco offers growing businesses two choices for secure Internet access, the Cisco 1605-R router, combined with the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set, and the Cisco Centri Firewall for Windows NT. Both protect a business' internal network and information by physically separating internal LANs from the Internet, and by enforcing the business' network security policy. Using the new 50-user version of Centri Firewall, smaller businesses and branch offices running on Windows NT can now define and manage their own security policies through an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Simple Stack Configuration

Each component of the Cisco Networked Office stack is fully supported by the latest version of Cisco ConfigMaker, a Windows 95 or NT 4.0-based software tool designed to configure the stack from a single PC. ConfigMaker graphically guides resellers and network administrators with little networking experience through the initial configuration of each component in the stack.

"The Cisco Networked Office stack furthers Cisco's wide-reaching commitment to small and medium-sized businesses that are looking toward the Internet to fuel future growth," said Howard Charney, senior vice president of the Small/Medium Business Line of Business at Cisco Systems. "We have dramatically simplified the installation and network configuration process of these products to ensure that customers will realize immediate success in both local area networking as well as connecting to and conducting business over the Internet. With extensive channel training and support programs in place, our resellers are well prepared to rapidly connect the new Internet generation of smaller businesses."

Flexible Financing Program

Cisco's new leasing program enables growing companies to harness the power of the Internet without making large capital investments. The program offers 100 percent financing of the Cisco Networked Office stack including all costs related to the network upgrade for a period of 36 months with a one dollar residual payment. The program also offers a network upgrade option at month 30 that enables businesses to upgrade to the latest technology and forgive the final six months of payments.

Application Specific Solution Kits

The Cisco Networked Office stack is available in several application specific solution kits that target small business applications. These include a secure Internet access kit, a high performance LAN connectivity kit that eliminates network bottlenecks and an Internet marketing kit that enables businesses to market products and services over the Internet. With minimal initial investment, growing businesses leasing the stack will be able to take advantage of the latest in networking technology for as little as $59 per month.

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