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Cisco Delivers Secure Private Communication through Broad Adoption of Industry-Standard Security Solution

Key Technology Components Developed through IP Security Protocol Standards Body Assure Confidentiality for Network Services
Jan 20, 1998

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- January 20, 1998 -- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced delivery and broad adoption of its industry-leading security technology necessary for enabling networked business. Cisco's implementation of the IP Security Protocol (IPSec) is an open, standards-based component that ensures secure private communications across an entire network. By providing privacy, integrity and authenticity in their networks, customers can secure them without costly changes to every computer.

Cisco's IPSec technology provides a complete network security solution with proven interoperability among multiple vendors. Cisco is promoting IPSec interoperability through the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and joint industry efforts with Microsoft and RedCreek Communications. Through shared development of the next-generation privacy service for the PIX® Firewall, Cisco and RedCreek are working together to ensure confidentiality for remote users.

Cisco Systems and Microsoft Corporation are jointly developing security technology for inclusion in Microsoft's Windows NT Server 5.0. The two companies are collaborating in the area of network layer security, and Microsoft will be licensing and incorporating Cisco's Internet Security Association Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP) software, assuring shared customers of confidential transactions.

"We are pleased to be working with Cisco to deliver enterprise-wide security solutions," said Jawad Khaki, director of Windows networking at Microsoft. "Our joint efforts will provide customers with a network layer security solution that will enable secure private communications across the entire network."

"Cisco has taken a leadership role in bringing IPSec standards to the market," said Bob Moskowitz, MIS technical support specialist at Chrysler Corp. of Detroit, Michigan. "Cisco IOS software is delivering technology that provides creative solutions for such challenges as scaling secure connections, ensuring data confidentiality, and combining that with network address translation to simplify integration. Cisco's unique feature enhancements enable Automotive Network eXchange (ANX) in providing a secure extranet for business partners over the Internet. This type of multivendor network is important, because security is a critical issue in electronic commerce."

IPSec is a key technology component of Cisco's end-to-end network service offerings. Cisco IOS software shipping in spring 1998 will provide IPSec with integrated ISAKMP/Oakley and certificate support. Cisco's offering includes technology from RSA Data Security Inc. and Cylink Corporation that is fully compliant with the existing IETF draft standards. This capability allows a flexible security policy providing network encryption, digital certification and trusted device authentication.

"Cisco is committed to bringing open solutions to customers that enable custom security solutions for Internet, extranet, intranet and remote access networks," said Cliff Meltzer, general manager and vice president of IOS Technology and Engineering Operations for Cisco Systems. "Through our extensive involvement in deploying the ANX network, we are leading the industry in providing interoperable solutions today."

"Cisco IOS-based encryption enables TNS to transparently offer a value-added security service integrated in the network infrastructure," said John Schanz, general manager and vice president at TNS' Financial Services Division. "We are able to leverage the industry-leading security features inherent in Cisco IOS software to provide an integrated solution that eases deployment and reduces management costs."

Cisco will provide scalable device authentication and identity by integrating with the emerging public key infrastructure (PKI). Cisco and Verisign are working together on a certificate authority (CA) technology, allowing a trusted third party to be used for issuing digital certificates. PKI standards will be solidifying over the next year, and Cisco plans to fully support them and achieve CA interoperability. At the ANX trials, Cisco has demonstrated interoperability with the Entrust Technologies PKI.

Cisco promotes end-to-end services by advancing client-to-network security solutions through the industry. IPSec joins the Cisco portfolio of security solutions that include the CiscoSecure product family, Cisco IOS software features such as AAA services, routeauthentication, TCP Intercept and Kerberos, and the Cisco firewall family -- PIX, Centri, and the Cisco IOS Firewall feature set.

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