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IP Multicast Initiative and Networked Multimedia Connection Launch Nationwide Seminar Series Entitled "IP Multicast and Networked Multimedia Deployment"

Seminar Series Simplifies Deployment of Networked Multimedia Applications and Reliable Multiple Applications
Nov 11, 1997

CAMPBELL, Calif. - November 11, 1997 - The IP Multicast Initiative (IPMI) and the NetworkedMultimedia Connection (NMC) today announced a nationwide seminar series designed to helpnetwork administrators deploy IP Multicast, reliable multicast and networked multimediaapplications. The event is sponsored by GlobalCast Communications, the NMC (a cooperateprogram formed by Cisco, Intel and Microsoft), Precept Software and StarBurst Communications.

"This seminar series provides network professionals detailed information on how to deployreliable multicast and networked multimedia applications," said Martin Hall, Chief TechnologyOfficer of Stardust Technologies and co-chair of the IPMI. "Key to the successful deploymentof networked multimedia is a sound understanding of how communication protocol standards suchas IP Multicast, RSVP, RTSP, RTP and H.323 work together. The seminar will explain how theseprotocols can be deployed in network environments today to enable exciting new Internet andintranet applications such as video conferencing, remote training and one-to-many filetransfers."

The nationwide launch of the NMC-IP Multicast seminar series follows a successful trial run ofthe seminar which was held on September 23, 1997 in San Jose, Calif. The first engagement waswell-received by a sold-out audience. "The seminar was well staged with the appropriate amountof lecture and Q&A sessions," said John Olp, an MIS Administrator at PeerLogic, Inc., whoattended the seminar. "Not a minute was wasted."

The seminar series is conducted by a trained panel of experts drawn from the IPMI, the NMC andleading networking vendors. Each attendee will receive a binder containing detailed referencematerials and all presentations. Network professionals who will benefit from the seminarinclude CIOs, system administrators, telecommunications administrators, network planners,network application developers and Internet Service Provider planners.

The seminar costs $395.00 per person and is limited to 100 participants each. Networkprofessionals interested in attending should contact the Stardust sales department at (408)879-8080 or register via the web at The seminar schedule is as follows:

  • November 17, 1997 San Jose Santa Clara Convention Center
  • December 2, 1997 New York Information Technology Center
  • December 3, 1997 Washington, DC Sheraton Crystal City
  • December 5, 1997 Chicago Rosemont Convention Center
  • December 10, 1997 Dallas Infomart
  • December 12, 1997 Los Angeles Los Angeles Convention Center

About the Networked Multimedia Connection

Founded in March of 1997, the Networked Multimedia Connection is a collaborate program formedby Cisco Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO), Intel Corporation (Nasdaq: INTL) and Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT). The NMC encourages the widespread adoption of networked multimedia applications forbusinesses on company intranets and on the Internet. Further information on the NMC can befound at

About Stardust Technologies and the IP Multicast Initiative

Founded in 1996, the IPMI is a multi-vendor cooperative effort to promote the deployment ofindustry-standard IP Multicast technology. The IPMI is managed by Stardust Technologies, acompany founded in 1995 to provide marketing, education and testing services for emergingInternet technologies. In addition to managing the IPMI, Stardust is home of the StardustWinSock Labs, an interoperability testing and education facility for software developers usingthe WinSock standard. Stardust Technologies is headquartered in Campbell, California and canbe reached by phone at (408) 879-8080 or by fax at (408) 879-8081. Stardust's web address is The IP Multicast Initiative's web address is

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is theworldwide leader in networking for the Internet. at

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