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GlobalCenter and Cisco Team to Offer Advanced Network Services

With A Cisco-Powered Network, GlobalCenter Offers Customers Reliable, Secure and High-Performance Digital Distribution
Nov 13, 1997

SUNNYVALE, Calif. - November 13, 1997 - GlobalCenter today announced that it is teaming withCisco Systems, Inc. to offer advanced networking solutions for content providers, softwarecompanies and other Internet-centric businesses. GlobalCenter is the first digital distributioncompany to join the Cisco Powered Network program.

With a Cisco-Powered Network, GlobalCenter provides reliable, secure and high-performancedigital distribution. The relationship highlights GlobalCenter's focus on using intelligentnetworking to deliver the world's most popular content to end users everywhere.

"Our vision for connecting people everywhere more closely to content is based on a strongdigital distribution architecture," said Jon Russo, vice president of marketing atGlobalCenter. "By working with world-class companies like Cisco, the leader in networking, wecan reassure our customers that the digital distribution services we offer are innovative,scalable, and reliable."

Currently, GlobalCenter uses Cisco equipment and software to manage national contentdistribution for USA Today Online. For example, GlobalCenter handles load-balancing for thepopular online newspaper using Cisco Distributed Director -- a special add-on feature ofGlobalCenter's intelligent routing solution, Express Lane.

Don Listwin, senior vice president of Cisco's Service Provider Line of Business, said,"Enterprise customers and Internet-centric businesses worldwide have selected qualitynetworking and Internet solutions from Cisco. GlobalCenter's relationship with Cisco willenable customers to feel confident that their service provider will deliver a high level ofnetwork interoperability and performance, as well as new, advanced and differentiatedservices."

The Cisco Powered Network designation acknowledges GlobalCenter's ability to provide innovativeservices and increase customer confidence in the performance and reliability of services, whichare based predominantly on Cisco equipment and software.

About Digital Distribution

GlobalCenter's Digital Distribution strategy envisions linking people everywhere more closelyto content, resulting in the best possible Internet experience. The digital distributionarchitecture overcomes shortcomings in the Internet infrastructure by combining publicinterconnect and direct private network connectivity with geographically dispersed MediaDistribution Centers and digital distribution technologies to push content to the edge of thenetwork.

About GlobalCenter

Sunnyvale, California-based GlobalCenter is the first global Digital Distribution company. GlobalCenter enables businesses to establish and manage the Internet as a strategic channel andprovides digital distribution services that connect people everywhere more closely to content.GlobalCenter currently handles 400 million Internet requests and up to a quarter millionInternet downloads a day for customers including new media/content providers, softwarecompanies, and Internet-focused businesses. Currently, GlobalCenter is the content manager ofchoice for Netscape, Yahoo!,, Cox Interactive and more. Additional information can befound at

Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSCO) is theworldwide leader in networking for the Internet. at

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