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New Cisco Dial Access Systems Help Service Providers Offer New Services, Scale Networks

AccessPath-TS3 and AccessPath-LS3 Deliver Increased Performance, Flexibility, Management
Oct 27, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 27, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announcedAccessPath TS3 and AccessPath-LS3, two carrier-class integrated dial access systems thatenable service providers and large enterprises to offer differentiated services and scale theirnetworks to unprecedented levels of density and performance.

Cisco also announced that it is expanding its Dial Access Stacking Architecture (DASA) byintroducing the AccessPath System Controller, which enables distributed, large-scale networkmanagement.

Cisco IOS Software Enables Differentiated Services

With the AccessPath systems and Cisco IOS software, service providers can offercustomers new, competitive services beyond basic Internet dial, such as virtual private dialnetworks (VPDNs), multiprotocol service, multiple class-of-service levels, and richly detailedbilling information. The AccessPath products and Cisco IOS software also enable serviceproviders to offer enhanced bandwidth optimization techniques such as data compression anddeploy high-quality network security firewalls and data encryption.

Helping Service Providers Scale Their Networks

AccessPath-TS3 and AccessPath-LS3 incorporate Cisco's next-generation, AS5300 universalaccess server, which is powered by a 150-MHz reduced instruction set computing (RISC)processor.

This high-performance server enables AccessPath systems to support large numbers of usersand bandwidth-intensive applications, such as virtual network tunneling and networkconferencing, without dropping calls.

With the AS5300, AccessPath-TS3 scales from 192 to 2,016 ports in North America and from240 to 2,520 ports in worldwide E-1 configurations. AccessPath-TS3 is architected to supportmore than 5,000 ports in the future.

AccessPath-TS3 is ideally suited for large service provider points of presence (POPs) whileAccessPath-LS3 is designed for small-to-medium POPs.

AccessPath-LS3 is scalable from 96 to 384 ports in North America and from 120 to 480 portsin worldwide E-1 configurations.

"Cisco's new dial access systems set us apart from competitors, because our architecturesupports more than 5000 connections and enables service providers to build the largest-scalesolutions in the industry," said Roland Acra, senior director of dial marketing at CiscoSystems.

Brad Rhoades, principal engineer of !INTERPRISE Networking Services at US WEST, said, "TheAccessPath system will scale with our network to support a rapidly growing customer base andwill help us expand our geographic reach. Its architecture enables us to seamlessly integrateCisco's AS5300 into our existing dial access infrastructure, with Cisco IOS software providinga common platform to deliver advanced network services and applications."

New AccessPath System Controller Enhances AccessPath Manager

AccessPath Manager is a Web-based software application that manages AccessPath-LS3 andAccessPath-TS3. It facilitates the distributed management of multiple dial shelves as a singleentity.

Management of AccessPath-TS3 and AccessPath-LS3 includes extensive status monitoring,traffic reporting and configuration features that help service providers and enterprisecustomers minimize operational overhead and maximize system availability.

A new Cisco IOS software-based embedded component, the AccessPath System Controller,provides AccessPath-TS3 with an enhanced out-of-band management capability by monitoring andcontrolling shelves within the system. It also provides fail-safe console port connectivity toall AccessPath platforms.

In the future, the system controller will perform local POP polling with local storage,bulk data upload to a central site, shelf image loading, shelf health monitoring, and automatedmodem diagnostics with central site notification. These capabilities will give customers bettermanagement scalability, backbone bandwidth savings and more reliable management data.

Advanced Dial Architecture Delivers Investment Protection, Flexibility

AccessPath-TS3 and AccessPath-LS3 are the newest members of Cisco's AccessPath family,introduced in June. Both are based on Cisco's advanced Dial Access Stacking Architecture, whichintegrates universal dial access, routing, switching and network management.

Cisco's DASA gives customers the ability to easily integrate new technologies andhigher-density, higher-performance platforms as their needs evolve. This scalable architectureprovides an unmatched level of investment protection and flexibility.