News Release

Cisco Enhances Fast Ethernet Hub Flexibility and Management

New Module Provides Ethernet Connectivity, Extends Distance Capabilities
Oct 14, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 14, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced the FastHub. 300series bridge management module that enables businesses to interconnect high- and low-speednetwork segments, extend distances between network devices, integrate network managementcapabilities and preserve investments in existing equipment.

The Cisco FastHub 300 series bridge management module (BMM) provides bridging between Ethernetand Fast Ethernet network segments and allows network managers to upgrade users to FastEthernet while maintaining existing Ethernet environments.

"As a medium-sized business looking to expand our workgroup capabilities, preserving ourhardware investments is critical," said Jeff Beranda of the San Fernando Valley Board ofRealtors. "The bridge management module allows us to inexpensively link our existing Ethernetworkgroups to high-performance workgroups utilizing Cisco FastHub 100BaseT repeaters."

Enhanced Features

Manageable through CiscoWorks software, the BMM supports SNMP, Telnet, RMON and out-of-bandconsole, providing comprehensive integrated management of Cisco devices and simplified networktroubleshooting. With the integration of Cisco IOS technologies, the BMM supports CiscoDiscovery Protocol (CDP) for automatic topology detection. Available in 100BaseTX and 100BaseFXversions, both are easily hot-swappable. The fiber-based FX version with full duplex canconnect FastHub 300 series hubs or stacks to a campus backbone at a distance of up to 2kilometers, while the standard TX version extends distances between FastHub 300 series hubs orstacks to 100 meters.

"The bridge management module provides customers with larger campuses a high- performance,cost-effective Fast Ethernet solution to extend their network's capabilities over greaterdistances," said Richard Martin, product manager for Fast Ethernet repeaters at Cisco Systems. "The BMM combines Ethernet connectivity and network management in a single, cost-effective formfactor."