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Charter Communications Deploys Cisco Universal Access Servers

Cisco AS5200 Enables Reliable, Differentiated Dial-In Access for Business Customers
Oct 07, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 7, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that CharterCommunications International, Inc. (Charter, CHTD on OTC BB) has selected Cisco's universalaccess servers for a nationwide network expansion. Charter will deploy the Cisco AS5200 dialaccess platforms to its entire network throughout the U.S. and Latin America to offer customersdifferentiated services and high-speed, reliable connections.

Charter Integrating New High-Speed Technologies

A provider of commercial marketing services, telecommuting and Web-hosting services, andnetwork and Internet design and development, Charter is integrating new high-speed technologiesto stay ahead of growing bandwidth demands and to differentiate its services in an increasinglycompetitive environment.

"By deploying the AS5200, we are one of the few companies that can offer our customers fulldigital and analog dial-up connections using the same connection dial-in number as ISDN and33.6-Kbps users," said Stephen L. Schilling, chief operating officer of Charter Communications. "This seamless dial-in capability provides our customers with the flexibility and scalabilitythey need to make technology decisions at their own pace ( with no disruption to theirmission-critical services."

Third-Generation Access Server Offers Further Scalability, Performance

Cisco's recently announced third-generation universal access server, the Cisco AS5300, willfurther enable Charter to scale its business as the volume of dial-in connections continues toincrease.

"Based on preliminary performance results, we are very interested in a trial of the CiscoAS5300 within our network," continued Schilling. "With Cisco IOS software as the commonplatform for the delivery of advanced network services, the AS5300 will integrate seamlesslyinto our existing dial server pools, providing us with further capacity and scalability."

The Cisco AS5300 will join the AS5200 in becoming an integral component in the carrier-classAccessPath dial access system architecture, with port densities capable of supporting more than 1600 simultaneous connections in a single rack cabinet.

"Cisco's portfolio of dial access platforms provides Charter with a high-performance, reliabledial access solution," said Kevin Kennedy, vice president and general manager of the Network toUser Business Unit at Cisco Systems. "With Cisco, Charter is well positioned to scale itsservices as customer bandwidth demands grow."

In addition to the Cisco dial access platform, Charter employs a wide range of Cisco productsincluding Cisco 2500, 4000 and 7500 series routers, Catalyst. 5000 series LAN switches, andCisco 750 and 760 series ISDN routers. With this flexible and integrated end-to-end Ciscosolution, Charter is also able to reduce operating costs and decrease time to market for newtechnologies while providing customers with easier, faster and more reliable dial-inconnections.

About Charter Communications International, Inc.

Charter Communications International, Inc. (Web site at, information provides businesses with custom communication solutions through its broadspectrum of Internet, telecommunications and telecommuting products and services. The Companydelivers satellite Internet and telecommunications links to businesses operating in the U.S.,Latin America and the Caribbean. Charter is headquartered in Atlanta, with its NetworkOperations Center in Houston. Charter has licenses and operations in Panama, Venezuela, Mexico,El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The Company is also licensed in Guatemala, Honduras andPeru.

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