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Sprint First to Deploy OC-12 Packet-Over-SONET Internet
Sep 03, 1997

Sprint First to Deploy OC-12 Packet-Over-SONET Internet Network

Kansas City, MO., September 3, 1997 -- To meet the increasing customer demand forimproved Internet performance, Sprint announced today a major network enhancementthat will dramatically boost the speed and bandwidth on its Internet backbone.

Sprint has extended its Internet leadership position by deploying Cisco Systems' newhigh-speed model 12,000 Gigabit Switch Router - the Cisco 12,000 series - into itsInternet backbone, launching the world's first OC-12 packet-over-SONET (POS) Internetnetwork.

"By deploying the Cisco 12,000 series, Sprint will increase bandwidth 400 percent byrunning live traffic over full-line speed OC-12 connections, providing faster access toweb pages, real-time applications and file transfers for its Internet customersworldwide," said Dominick DeAngelo, vice president, Sprint Internet & IntranetServices, Sprint Business. "In addition, by using the Cisco 12,000 series, Sprint will beable to provide increased fault tolerance, and to offer future Quality of Service andmulticasting products without affecting router or network performance."

Although past speeds on other ISP backbones may have reached OC-12 levels, they wereconstricted to OC-3 speeds at network interfaces. The Cisco 12,000 series allows Sprintto continue to meet and stay ahead of the increasing traffic demands on its Internetbackbone.

"This deployment builds on the Sprint's POS approach to providing the world's bestInternet network," said Karl Kramer, vice president, Sprint Data Operations. "Deployingthe Cisco 12,000 series into Sprint's network provides seamless upgrade capabilitiesfrom OC-3 POS links to OC-12 POS links. By combining Sprint's nationwide four-fiber,bi-directional, line-switched ring SONET infrastructure, which provides millisecondtraffic redirection and restoral, and its Internet Operations support along with the Cisco12,000 series deployment, customers will receive unmatched bandwidth availability,network performance and network survivability."

"Sprint's use of Cisco's next generation 12,000 series definitely positions them as aleading ISP with the industry's most efficient Internet architecture available today," saidDon Listwin, senior vice president, Cisco's Service Provider Line of Business. "Thedramatically improved speed the 12,000 provides will enable Sprint's customers toenhance their business performance through more efficient Internet commerce and designapplications and by avoiding Internet traffic congestion." Throughout the remainder of1997 and into 1998, Sprint will aggressively deploy the Cisco routers at major backbonenodes throughout its Internet network. Cisco is a strategic supplier of routers to Sprint'sInternet network, which provides Internet access to business customers nationwide and inover 150 countries around the world.


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