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TeleHub Network Services Delivers SS7 Software Integration Over Cisco ATM Network

Carrier-Class Voice-over-ATM Solution Enables Superior Quality, Differentiated Services
Aug 13, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 13, 1997 - TeleHub Network Services announced today that it willdeploy its proprietary software, Virtual Access Services Platform (VASP), on Cisco'sStratacom BPX Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Switches. VASP is based on technologythat integrates Signaling System 7 (SS7) and ATM on a distributed, fully fault-tolerant systemthat offers a unified management, control and billing platform. The result is a carrier-classswitched voice service over ATM.

TeleHub will deploy the software over its new high-speed nationwide Cisco ATM network. VASPwill enable TeleHub to offer superior quality and differentiated long distance services tolocal exchange carriers (LECs), independent telephone companies (ITCs) and other phonecompanies. Future plans include deployment of mediated access services, which are mandated inthe Telecom Reform Act (Section 251), through the support of ATM Switched Virtual Circuits(SVCs) on Cisco switches and TeleHub's integrated connection management.

Through the use of both VASP and ATM technology, TeleHub is able to achieve significanttransport efficiencies, which translate into savings to its customers. VASP technology usesthe call setup connections generated from any SS7 network to dynamically allocate theappropriate bandwidth across an ATM network to terminate the call.

TeleHub's nationwide ATM network is based entirely on BPX switches, Cisco high-end and midrangerouters and Catalyst 5500 data center switches. In the first phase of the project, TeleHubis deploying BPX switches with AXIS interface shelves at key network centers. These networknodes, many of which are fully operational, are located in cities nationwide, includingChicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Clara and Washington D.C. The siteswill be connected by OC-3 or DS-3 trunks. Additional cities will be added to the network in aphased network expansion.

Reliability and Scalability Critical to TeleHub

Operating as a backbone to other service providers, TeleHub requires a reliable network capableof carrying mission-critical traffic. "With the superior performance of Cisco's BPX ATMswitches, not only can we offer premier services to our customers, but we are also able tosimplify the management of our network, integrate it into our VASP technology and decrease ourtime to market," said Don Sledge, president of TeleHub. Cisco's ATM switches also enable theprovisioning of consistent quality of service (QoS) guarantees throughout the network. Inaddition, AXIS interface shelves will provide TeleHub with the flexibility to scale its networkand its business as demand dictates.

About TeleHub Network Services

TeleHub will operate a nationwide ATM network and will initially offer voice-switched servicesto long distance wholesale providers. It plans to offer a wide range of additional voiceservices as well as data services in the near future, all on an integrated platform. TeleHub'skey customers are LECs, including regional bell operating companies (RBOCs), Internet serviceproviders (ISPs), inter-lata exchange carriers (IXCs) and ITCs. News and information areavailable at

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