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New CiscoWorks 4.0 Offers Broad Support on Multiple Platforms

Complementary Cisco Resource Manager Tool Available to CiscoWorks 4.0 Users Providing Easy Web Access to Network Infrastructure
Aug 13, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 13, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. announced today theavailability of CiscoWorks 4.0, the improved version of its flagship network management productline. Interoperability testing by network management platform vendors makes CiscoWorks 4.0 awidely endorsed device management tool. CiscoWorks 4.0 broadens the span of device support anddiagnostics management. Combined with Cisco Resource Manager, CiscoWorks 4.0 enables customersto better manage their network resources with more complete end-to-end device control.

CiscoWorks 4.0 delivers improved device level monitoring, configuration and fault managementtools. The application is compatible with the latest Cisco IOS Software and routerhardware releases. It offers new operating systems and management platform support and year2000 compliance. These features are complemented by Cisco Resource Manager, a new suite ofweb-based network management applications enhancing inventory and software distributioncapabilities. To demonstrate the complementary nature of these products, Cisco Resource Manageris offered free of charge with the purchase of CiscoWorks 4.0 as part of a limited-timepromotion.

"Cisco continues to offer customers leading network management tools while assuring ourcustomers of simplified, end-to-end network management solutions and lower cost of ownership,"said Stephen DeWitt, general manager and vice president of the network management business unitat Cisco Systems. "Building on relationships with leading management vendors, Cisco isbuilding the networking synergy needed for innovative network management solutions."

Cisco continues to work with established systems and network management giants to improvecustomer choices as networking becomes an increasingly critical component to successful globalbusinesses. Cisco leads the networking industry with synchronized support of new releases ofHewlett-Packard OpenView, SunTM Enterprise ManagerTM, Site Manager and Domain Manager andTivoli Systems TME 10 NetView, as they are delivered to market.

"We have worked closely with Cisco, an Hewlett-Packard OpenView Premier Partner, on thecertification of their new version of CiscoWorks on Hewlett-Packard OpenView," said OlivierHelleboid, general manager of HP's network and systems management division. "Our alliancewith Cisco demonstrates HP's philosophy that customers should be able to choose systems andnetwork management solutions that best meet their specific business needs. By certifying thenewest version of CiscoWorks on HP OpenView Network Node Manager, we ensure that our jointcustomers can deploy Cisco/HP OpenView solutions with confidence."

"We are very excited to have Cisco join the group of leading companies that can demonstrateinteroperability with Sun Enterprise Manager-Sun's distributed management environment forbuilding and maintaining scalable and reliable high-performance networks," said BrianKirschner, general manager of the network operations software products group of SunMicrosystems. "This power and interoperability that Cisco and Sun now offer help bothcompanies deliver high-quality products and services faster to the commercial andtelecommunications markets. With this certification, CiscoWorks 4.0 is backward compatiblewith the complete Sun network management product line, including Sun NetManagerTM."

"As a result of our long-standing relationship with Cisco, we have worked together closely toensure interoperability of CiscoWorks 4.0 and TME 10 NetView," said Mark McClain, director ofthe enterprise business unit at Tivoli Systems. "We look forward to continuing to worktogether as we evolve the NetView product family to meet the needs of our mutual customers."

About CiscoWorks 4.0

Among the improved features offered, CiscoWorks 4.0 now supports current versions of Ciscorouters and the latest version of Cisco IOS software. With full Year 2000 compliance andupdated operating system support, CiscoWorks 4.0 keeps users ahead of rapid infrastructurechanges. CiscoWorks 4.0 has been updated to run on the following platforms:

  • Sun Site and Domain Manager 2.3 and Enterprise Manager 2.0 running onSolaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.5.1;
  • HP OpenView 4.1, 4.1.1 and 5.0 running on HP-UX 10.10, 10.20 and running on Solaris 2.4,2.5, 2.5.1;
  • Netview for AIX 4.1 running on AIX 4.1.5, 4.2.

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