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Cisco Delivers Innovative Web-Based Enterprise Network Management Suite

Cisco Resource Manager Offers Management Across The Network Infrastructure
Aug 04, 1997

SAN JOSE, Calif. - August 4, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced availability ofCisco Resource Manager, a Web-based network management solution for managing enterprisenetworks. Resource Manager leverages the latest Internet technologies to provide a flexiblemanagement framework. Resource Manager's Web-based approach to network management providesanytime, anywhere management for any authorized network operator from any Web-browser-equippedPC or workstation. Resource Manager complements CiscoWorks and CiscoWorks for SwitchedInternetworks by enhancing inventory and software distribution capabilities.

Resource Manager's flexible Web-based approach delivers the first network management productthat transparently links aspects of the network management process to vital networkingexpertise contained in Cisco Connection Online (CCO) - Cisco's extensive online softwarelibrary and vast repository of networking knowledge. This direct link gives users transparentaccess to the latest software and networking information, simplifying the network managementprocess and speeding implementation of new software.

"Resource Manager illustrates Cisco's commitment to delivering a new paradigm forinfrastructure management," said Stephen DeWitt, vice president and general manager of thenetwork management business unit at Cisco Systems, Inc. "Cisco continues to lead the market indelivering complete end-to-end networking solutions for the Enterprise. Web-based networkmanagement will play an increasingly critical role in assuring these end-to-end solutions willhave the scalability and extensibility necessary to meet growing market requirements."

"Cisco is implementing an important new direction in network management, Web-based technology,"said James A. Metzler, vice president, consulting services at Strategic Networks Consulting. "With its Resource Manager suite, Cisco is delivering powerful Web-based solutions that themarket is really asking for, not merely providing Web-access to reporting features of legacyproducts. Cisco's new Web-based network management applications begin to exploit theextensibility and flexibility of Internet technologies. Its embedded links to Cisco's worldclass service offerings, software image library and information services really raise the bar. This is clearly a step in the right direction for the future of Web-based network management."

Cisco Resource Manager

The Resource Manager suite consists of a web server and four key management applications -Inventory Manager, Availability Manager, Syslog Analyzer and Software Image Manager. Togetherthese applications speed Cisco IOS(TM) software deployment and provide network managers with a number of multi-device management capabilities. These include: views of network change status,the ability to track device availability, and the ability to monitor, categorize and analyzesyslog messages.

"Cisco Systems and Hewlett-Packard are on the forefront in developing scalable, Web-basednetwork management products," said Olivier Helleboid, general manager of the network and systemmanagement division of Hewlett-Packard Co. "We are working closely with Cisco to link CiscoResource Manager with our HP OpenView Web-based product family. It is through this kind ofcooperation in the industry that we will continue to see powerful Web-based technologysolutions."

Resource Manager dynamically tracks Cisco and SNMP MIB II device information as well as Ciscosoftware versions and Cisco device configuration information, automatically identifyingchanges. Resource Manager uses a client-networking approach to management that provides a newmodel for integrating service and enterprise support and allows the network information inResource Manager to guide access through CCO, helping locate updated Cisco IOS files andallowing links to technical information.

"CRM has been well received at USAA," said Diane Aufderhar, senior analyst at USAA InformationTechnology Co. in San Antonio, Texas. "The Software Image Manager will save us a significantamount of time previously spent doing the repetitive, manual tasks involved in large softwareupgrades. We will increasingly depend on the hardware and software change reports in InventoryManager as well. There is no doubt that Resource Manager will assist us in transitioning fromToken Ring to our new Cisco ATM and Catalyst switch network, as we evolve to meet fast-changing user needs."

Resource Manager keeps the network running efficiently and simplifies the task of finding thelatest product enhancements, diagnostic information and debugging tools. It allows the networkadministrator to view current version and memory information for individual devices or groupsof devices prior to updating. Its Software Image Manager cross-checks proposed image softwareupload jobs against a target device's current configuration and notifies the administrator ofincompatibilities. Resource Manager's Web-based foundation allows the update activity to bescheduled, launched and reviewed from a browser console, either locally or remotely.

Cisco Systems

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