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Oracle and Cisco Systems Team to Demonstrate Ultimate Network Computing Environment

Oracle8 Debuts on Cisco's Catalyst Chasis at Radio City Music Hall
Jun 24, 1997

NEW YORK -- June 24, 1997 -- In the backdrop of New York's Radio City MusicHall, Oracle Corp. and Cisco Systems have come together to showcase thenext generation networking environment with the debut of Oracle8. As part of aglobal launch event with more than 150 partners and 35,000 customers in 65countries, the demonstration is being driven by the power of Oracle8 and therobustness of Cisco's Catalyst Chassis switched network. The demonstrationwill support all of the on-stage presentations and hands-on demonstrations forthe attendees at the event.

The Cisco network will support more than 50 applications which utilizeOracle8, the Database for Network Computing. The network switches high-speedtraffic between more than 250 network computers, workstations, PCs, kiosks anddatabase servers to demonstrate applications such as CNN's CustomNews,Web-based networked commerce, and video for distance learning.

"Network computing implies more demanding database usage, requiringsoftware that supports more users, faster performance and larger databases,"said Ray MacDonald, manager of Network and Telecommunications at Oracle whodesigned the Radio City Music Hall network. "Oracle8 delivers on theserequirements, but the database also needs a secure and reliable network onwhich to run. Cisco offers the robust network system that we needed toshowcase the power of Oracle8. Plus, Cisco's high-speed network takes care ofour multimedia needs."

The network is based on four high-performance LAN switches from Cisco,two Catalyst 5000s and two Catalyst 5500s. The Catalyst switches providededicated 10 or 100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity to each of the networkcomputers, PCs, workstations and servers on the network.

"The Oracle8 demonstration network shows how enterprises will usenetworked applications like video multicast, database access and Internetconnectivity in support of their global business objectives," said JayshreeUllal, vice president of marketing for Cisco's Enterprise Line of Business.

The Catalyst switches provide excellent multicast support for videoapplications by means of an architecture which permits packets to betransmitted efficiently to multiple ports on the network. Cisco IOS softwareensures that multicast traffic is transported efficiently end-to-end acrossthe network and only to users that actually require that traffic. TheCatalyst switches also allow Oracle8 database servers supporting time-criticalapplications to be given priority over other types of traffic.

Oracle8 manages large amounts of information securely, reliably andeconomically over computer networks. Oracle8 is a versatile informationplatform that enables high-speed transactions, better business decisions andsophisticated object-relational applications. Built on a foundation of proventechnology, Oracle8 is designed to lower an organization's computing costs,manage all types of data and deliver faster information access to all kindsof users.

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