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New Cisco Service and Support Programs Help Service Providers Boost Revenues

Programs Ease Roll-Out of New Services and Enhance Network Scalability, Management
Jun 03, 1997

NEW ORLEANS, La. - June 3, 1997 - Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced a comprehensive suite ofservice and support programs designed to help service providers boost revenues and strengthentheir competitive advantage.

The programs, available June 30, include installation and configuration services for faststart-up; maintenance services to extend product lifecycles and maximize system uptime;marketing support to attract new customers and generate revenue quickly; and advanced technicalconsulting services that help service providers improve network planning, implementation andsupport.

Cisco's suite of service programs can be tailored to specific platforms, such as the AccessPathfamily of carrier-class dial access systems also announced today. The Cisco AccessPath systemis the first in a series of products that deliver complete dial points-of-presence (POP)solutions in a single, integrated unit. (See separate release.)

"We've developed a set of service and support programs to meet the specialized needs of serviceproviders," said Ethan Thorman, director of services marketing at Cisco Systems. "With thesetools, service providers can more easily enhance existing offerings and bring new services tomarket. They also can improve network management and scalability. "Few other vendors can matchthe level of support we offer with our products, which helps service providers boost profitsand further differentiate themselves from the competition," Thorman said.

Each of Cisco's support programs offers service providers options to fit their specific network
environments and budgets:
  • Start-up services. Cisco's end-to-end (covering LAN and WAN products) installation andimplementation services enable service providers to get their systems up and running quickly.This coverage includes a full range of services, from overall project management andengineering through end-to-end testing of systems, to ensure consistency across all sites,eliminate connectivity failures and reduce implementation time.
  • Maintenance services. Cisco's Service Provider Base Plan includes access to Cisco IOS(TM)software upgrades, the Cisco Connection Online (CCO) web site and the Technical AssistanceCenter (TAC). By downloading software upgrades from Cisco's web site, service providers canenhance their systems with state-of-the-art features, as those features are introduced. Thisadds functionality and protects their investment.

Service providers can use these software upgrades to differentiate the service products, suchas virtual private networks (VPNs) and multiple class-of service levels, they offer theircustomers. CCO also enables them to access problem-solving tools such as the troubleshootingengine, Open Forum and Stack Decoder.

For person-to-person assistance, service providers can
call on Cisco's expert TAC staff, which is available worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Cisco also offers these services in a maintenance plan that provides support for customer
premises equipment (CPE).
  • Marketing support. Cisco's JumpStart marketing consulting program helps service providersrealize a fast return on their investment in Cisco solutions. This program covers every aspectof launching a new service or product; from market research and product definition throughpackaging, sales training and delivery.
  • Advanced technical consulting services. With the Cisco Network Supported Accounts (NSA)program, service providers can supplement their staff and expertise as project requirementsdemand. Cisco NSA network consultants assist clients in network design, planning, performanceengineering, and efficiency audits. Additionally, they offer expertise in Cisco IOS softwaredeployment, so service providers can plan for network growth.
For more information on specific programs and pricing, service providers should contact their
local Cisco sales representative or Cisco channel partner.

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